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Econ: Economics and Steady State

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The Slow model and the steady-state. Under the assumption of constant labor supply and constant TFTP, the Slow model is formulated as:

c AK a L I-a (1 -s)Y 1+(1 -6)K where K > O is given.

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  • (a) Rewrite the model in terms of per worker quantities. As usual, use lowercase letters to denote variables that are in per worker terms.
  • (b) Suppose that 6 = 0. 06, s = 0. 15, a = 0. 35, and A = 100. If k = 2,000, then find y, c, I, and k.
  • (c) Construct the Slow diagram that illustrates y, c, I, k, and k from your previous answer.
  • (d) Derive an algebraic expression tort the steady-state levels to capital per worker k ND output per worker.

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