Ecology STUDY

The scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their environments
Abiotic components
temperature, light, water, and nutrients
Biotic components
all organisms part of the individuals environment
Ecological time
minutes, months, years
Evolutionary time
decades, centuries, millennia, etc
Types of ecology
organismal ecology
population ecology
community ecology
ecosystem ecology
landscape ecology
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Organismal ecology
behavioral, morphological, and physiological responses of an organism to its biotic and abiotic environment
Population ecology
facts that control the size of populations
Community ecology
studies interactions like predation and competition
Ecosystem ecology
considers abiotic factors as well as the biological community, looks at energy flow and chemical cycling
Landscape ecology
impact of the combination of different ecosystems
global ecosystem, the layer of earth inhabited by life
the study of the past and present distribution of individual species
The distribution of individuals within geographic population boundaries
Way to test whether dispersal is a limiting factor
Transplant a species into a previously absent zone and see if the species can survive.
If successful then potential range is greater than actual range for the species.
If unsuccessful biotic and abiotic factors are questions
**Not all specials occupy their potential range because they try to avoid certain habitats
Abiotic factors that affect distribution of organisms
rocks and soil