drug final quiz 7

During and after WWII it was found that malnourished people could gain weight more rapidly…
if they were treated with testosterone.
a consistent congnitive effect of marijuana seen both in frequent users and in less experienced users is…
slowing of cognitive processing
the 1999 report from the Institute of Medicine suggested that marijuana cigarettes should be allowed for
no more than 6 months for patients with intractable pain or vomiting
studies show that marijuana increases which of the following?
nonverbal social interactions
the 70 chemicals that are known to be unique to the cannabis plant are called
tolerance to the effects of smoked marijuana allows experience marijuana users to obtain
eupohric effects with minimal cognitive impairment
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one major behavioral problem that is seen in acute marijuana intoxication is
panic reactions
college athletes who want to avoid failing a drug test have to be very careful because
there are more than 3,000 products containing banned substances
one ingredient in dietary supplements was banned by the FDA in 2004 after a Major League Baseball pitcher died form heat stroke after using it.
the ingredient was ephedrine
the marijuana Tax Act, the first fed law regulating cannabis
was passed in 1937
although testosterone and related anabolic steroids clearly increase muscle mass during puberty, it has been more difficult to determine scientifically whether adult men with normal testosterone can get much stronger from extra steroids, partly because
it would be unethical to expose research participants to the high doses of mulitple steroids used by athletes
extensive testing of the effects of amphetamines has consluded that they can
improve performances by a few percentage points
the current shift in the US public’s attitude towards marijuana laws is probably related to which of the following
A and C increasing evidence that marijuana is relatively innocuous and a desire to spend federal funds more wisely and gain tax revenue
studies of the effects of marijuana on automobile driving show
significant impairments when inexperienced users are studied in a lab experiment
which of the following is NOT ture about the marijuana tax act of 1937
it did not outlaw cannabis
cannabis indica seems to have more psychoactive potency where as cannibis sativa is more associated with
on side effect of the tougher 2006 drug testing policies in major league bball is that
as many as 1/4 of the players on some teams have been permantently banned from the league
a great # of studies have consistently reported that smoked marijuana and oral THC both
produce increased total daily food intake
the abuse potential of THC is
very high regardless of how it is consumed
in a sutdy of heart rate changes following smoked marijuana with 4% THC or 20 mg oral THC
the peak effects were similar, but smoking produced effects much sooner
hashish refers to p
pure cannibis resin
which of these was NOT mentioned as one of the psychological side effects of high dose steroids
memory loss
so called “pituitary giants” often die at an early age because their internal organs continue to grow due to
excessive production of human growth hormone
after the national football league banned the distribution of amphetamines in 1971
individual plaers could stiss get a prescription and use amphetamines if they wanted
the primary active ingredient in marijuana is
delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinal THC