Drivers ed (Module 5)

closed zone
When an area around a vehicle is not available to the driver, it is called a
The space management system we will use is the
– where to look
– what to look for
– how to evaluate what they see
To search effectively, drivers need to know
The driver should search at least ____ seconds ahead of the vehicle for an open path of travel.
In zone control driving, the driver monitors ____ zones around the vehicle.
4-8 seconds ahead of the vehicle
Your immediate path of travel should be
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12-15 seconds ahead of the vehicle
Searching ___ seconds ahead of the vehicle allows time to determine an alternate path of travel.12-15 seconds ahead of the vehicle
A vehicle positioned 6 inches from the left line is in lane position
If the left front zone is closed and the right front zone is open, lane position ___ would be a wise choice.
Neither a or b
Staggered stop lines
Classifying traffic elements into four major groups helps organize a visual search pattern.
Vehicle position is one method of communicating with other highway users.
Braking distance and stopping distance are the same.
The eyes don’t tell the brain what they see – the brain tells the eyes what to look for.
A 2 second following distance usually allows enough time to brake to a stop.
closed zone
A red traffic light is an example of
– stop
– yield to pedestrians
– yield to traffic approaching from the left
Before turning right on red, the driver must
1/2 block
To cross a two lane roadway at 30 mph takes a gap of about
11 seconds
To safely turn right and merge into traffic moving 55 mph, you will need a gap equal to about
be able to see the rear tires of the vehicle ahead touching the pavement
When stopped in traffic behind another vehicle, the driver should
You should not drive more than ____ feet in a shared left turn lane.
Once you have reached the apex of a curve, you should
Intersections are the highest risk areas you will encounter when driving.
Defensive drivers tap their brakes to warn traffic behind before stopping.
Never enter an intersection until you identify an open space for your vehicle on the other side of the intersection.
It is illegal to pull into a shared left turn lane and wait for traffic to clear when executing a left turn from a driveway.f
Lane position 2 is recommended when approaching the crest of a hill.
Excessive steering in a curve can result in either an understeer or oversteer skid.
you should not return to your lane until you can see the front of the vehicle being passed in your rear view mirror
When passing another vehicle on a two lane roadway
13 seconds
A vehicle traveling 40 mph will take about _______ to pass another vehicle traveling 30 mph.
60 feet per second
A vehicle traveling 40 mph, is going approximately
all of the above
In which of the following areas is it illegal to pass another vehicle?
2 seconds
To safely pass another vehicle, start from a position
When determining a safe passing area, you must take into account the closing rate of approaching vehicles.
Without headlights, an approaching vehicle may not become visible until it is within 2500 feet.
It is not necessary to signal before returning to your lane after passing another vehicle.
Passing on a multi-lane roadway is usually safer than on two lane roadways.
Passing is legal only when passing a vehicle traveling slower than the posted speed limit.