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Dream Job Critique Essay

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Over the last five years I have been curious as to what career path I should choose and I have been to over four different schools to figure it out. Now I believe this is the start I’m looking for. Attending WCTC is my first step to getting my dream job in becoming a web designer. I have been searching for years to find out what I want to do with my life and this I believe is it.

I have already graduated with a degree in business back in 2005 and I think this will serve as an asset to my future career. I have worked in sales and marketing for about six years and I have worked at various golf courses across the state. My future dream job is to work for a local company in the Milwaukee area and to obtain the knowledge of how the design business really works. I have been really good with computers over my life and I enjoy working on them but I don’t really know how this business works and that is why I’m perusing a degree at WCTC.

My ultimate dream job would be to have my own small business in the Pewaukee area. I’m hoping that in my education, and through my job experience I will learn enough to have a successful business. I would be looking to run my business from home and be a freelance web designer in the area. My expectations are to expand to a possible small office in the Pewaukee area in order to generate more business. I have worked my whole life doing things to make other people’s business better and I’m hoping that one day I can do that for myself and have great success.

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It would be my ultimate dream to be able to have a successful business but in the end we all know these days it’s tough. I’m hoping that with the education I receive and with my experiences over the next few years will help me continue to further my knowledge in order to pursue my dream career.

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