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Drama Script About Office

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SYNOPSIS: Cheng Shi is a MBA graduate who has everything handed to her because she is the future successor of Jingshi Department Store. However, her mother worries she will not make a good manager and decides to train her by having him work as an entry-level employee for a year. During the year she has to live on her own salary and never reveal her true identity, or she will have to renounce his succession right. Shi could not have survived the year has it not been for Mr. Roy’s office survival guide. Mr.

Roy is a Jingshi marketing specialist who has just saved her first Php 50, 000 for the down payment on a house. She works very hard to achieve her goal. Together, Roy and Cheng accomplish the impossible, which is to shine on the bottom of the office pyramid. SCENE 1: Narration Narrator: My name is Christian Roy, an employee in Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. I’ve been in the workforce for four years, never treat others, don’t buy clothes that cost more than Php. 1, 000, don’t go to the movies, don’t go to KTV (Karaoke), don’t take the taxi, I’m so frugal because I want to buy my own house where mom and I can live in.

Today is the day I’ve been anticipating most. Heaven sees all our hard work. As an office boy, I swallow my pride, endure and suffer through anything, work overtime everyday and don’t feel tired, never fight back when my boss yells at me, Im frugal with my money, and from my limited income, I’ve saved first 50, 000 pesos of my life. Although this 50, 000 pesos is just a little dent in the global economy, it’s a big step in my life. This 50, 000 pesos put me one step closer to my dream of buying a house. Some people may think that the life of an office boy is very boring, but I don’t think so one bit.

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I love WORKING! (AT THE OFFICE) ( 8:00 am ) Ms. Quin: Hey! Ms. Lee Min, may I ask what you are doing? Let me see what you are holding? -Ohh.. you aren’t trying to clock in for Christian Roy from Sales, are you? Ms. Min: of course not, manager. -I’m afraid that once Roy get’s here, he won’t be able to find her card, so I’m holding it for him. Ms. Quin: What are you holding when he’s not here! Clocking in for others is seriously against company policy. You’re in the HR Department and you didn’t know that rule? I don’t want to complain about you young ones, we all work hard to… Ms.

Min: Manager, there’s a hot guy. Ms. Quin: Where’s the guy? (Min will get the card of Roy on the hand of manager. Roy will clock in at exactly 8:00 am) Mr. Roy: Yes! (Dance) Ms. Quin: That’s enough. Mr. Roy, you got lucky. If not, I was thinking that your history of four years of perfect attendance would have been ruined. Mr. Roy: Manager, from now on, I’ll leave my house earlier. Ms. Quin: In the afternoon, I’m having a meeting with the CEO. Hurry and prepare the past three months of sales performance report and put it on my desk. Ok? Mr. Roy: Manager!

But isn’t it your responsibility to gather the sales report for meeting? Ms. Quin: oh yeah! (smile) Of course that’s something that I, as manager, have to report. But you’re responsible in gathering the data. Get on it! Now! (The steps of Ms. Quin would cross Ms. Min) Ms. Quin: Move! (Ms. Min will act threateningly to Ms. Quin)


Ms. Quin: I told you to prepare a sales report and you really did gather all this crap for me. Take a look. The numbers are so squished and condensed; CEO will get angry at the sight of it. (angry) (sigh) didn’t I tell you before?

Pick a few goals, think of some slogan, so when everyone’s in the meeting, ‘ho hey’ or “wow” all the managers will applaud you and say that you’re the best. Here, do it again. Look for yourself, such a thick stack, are you turning in a thesis? Listen carefully. The version that you redo cannot be more than two A4 pages. Put it on my desk when you’re done. Got it? Mr. Roy: yes! I got it. Ms. Quin: I still have a few more meetings. (exit)


Ms. Cheng Shi: Ms. Yi, I'm here. Which car are you driving to pick me up? What? I don't care. If it doesn't fit, that's your problem. (Angry) Gossh. become irritated) Background Music (Department Store) Ms. Yi: Good morning Maam. Ms. Cheng Shi: Why did you bring me to the department store? Ms. Yi: The President told me to bring you here directly. Ms. Cheng Shi: Why's she so impatient? Can't she let me first take a rest? She isn't wanting to discuss my inheriting the company, is she? Ms. Yi: I’m not sure maam.


Ms. Cheng Shi: Mom. Did you take a look at the proposal which I mailed you before I returned? Great, isn't it? Ms. Jing Shi: I looked at it. Of course I looked at it. It's the proposal that wanted to tear down the old neighborhood around the department store.

From now on, you'll start at the bottom of the company. Work hard. Cheng Shi: Stop kidding around. The point of sending me to the US to get an MBA is so that I can inherit the company and become the CEO. I'm ready! Ms. Jing Shi: You're ready... for what? Are you ready to ruin my life's work? Your studying in the US, tell me how much of my money you spent! Other people can get their degree in two years. You took five years. When you were a student, you didn't wake up in the day and didn't sleep at night. Exactly what you were doing, think I don't know? Ms. Cheng Shi: Mom, I admit that in the past, I liked to play a little too much.

But right now, I'm set on expanding the business. I understand your intention to have me start from the bottom. I can make do with starting from Manager. Ms. Jing Shi: Manager? Ms. Cheng: Yes. Ms. Jing Shi: All right. From now on, you are the new employee in the Sales Department of Jing Shi Department Store. Go and start as an assistant. Ms. Cheng: No, Manager. Ms. Jing: Start as an assistant. In the future, you can only spend the money that you earn. And you must sign these five clauses. One, you must not reveal your identity at the company. Two, your year-end performance must be above "very good". Three, you can't use my money.

You can't use your credit card. Four, you can't live at home. Five, you can't reveal this contract. If within a year you haven't violated this contract, then I will consider your inheritance of this company. Ms. Cheng: What if I violate the contract? Ms. Jing: Then, that means you don't have the ability to survive in the workforce, so don't even talk about managing. Why are you laughing? Ms. Cheng: What did I do that made you look down on me? I don't want to inherit the company anymore, all right?

SCENE 5: CEO OFFICE (Knocking the door) CEO (Ms. Jing):

Come in. Ms. Shao: President CEO: you’ve worked with me the longest. You understand my daughter too. I think that you would agree my decision. Will you help me to discipline my daughter and take the opportunities I offered to her? Ms. Shao: (agree) CEO: Jing Shi Department Store is like my daughter. I don’t want to ruin her life and to destroy her of the other. Ms. Shao: Don’t worry. Leave it to me. CEO: Thank you.


Ms. Shao: Cheng, your mother sent you abroad to study, not to play. MS. Cheng: I did. I even got my diploma. (take a coffee) all she wanted was that diploma. Ms. Shao: let me tell you, your mother is serious this time. If you show her good results… Ms.

Cheng: Auntie Shao, you’ve worked with her more than 10 years, you don’t know her past time, do you? She takes great joy in rejecting me. No matter how good a job I do, she’ll never be satisfied. I sometimes question whether I’m her biological daughter. Ms. Shao: of course you are! Why am I telling you all this? (sigh) then use your actions to prove to your mother that she’s wrong. This is your contract (give the pen) unless you don’t have the guts. Oh. And from now on please call me “VP Shao” Ms. Cheng: Yes VP Shao. May I ask if you have any other orders? Ms. Shao: yes. This is your account book. Also Mr.

Ralph has already rented a house for you. From now on, you have to move out and live on your own. The keys and address are inside. Ms. Cheng: (open the envelop) 5, 000? Is it dollars or euro? Ms. Shao: Philippine peso Ms. Cheng: Impossible! Ms. Shao: Possible! Ms. Cheng: My expense for one night is more than 3, 000! Ms. Shao: you should know this is the first time the company’s paid a salary in advance. Your future salary will be deducted to reflect that. You have to understand. The company’s been in business for more than ten years. This is the first time that an employee’s been paid in advance. So you should manage your money wisely.

So, what do you think? You can’t afford to play this game? Ms. Cheng: (smile) can I not? Ms. Shao: of course. Then I call you this in future? Ms. Cheng: call me what? Ms. Shao: sissy. Ms. Cheng: I’ll play with her. (sign to contract)


Ms. Quin: Mr. Christian Roy! What is this? Look, this page is filled with tiny characters. If you’re so good with small font sizes, why don’t you edit a dictionary? Mr. Roy: (sigh) I’ve already tried my best to focus on the important points, but there is too much data. 2 pages of A4 is not enough. Ms. Quin: A4 was just an example. Take it as an example. Got it?

What are you trying to say by making the font so small? Do you want me to hold magnifying glass when I report it to the CEO? How can you comprehension be so low? Mr. Roy: then let me go and increase the size. Ms. Quin: no. never mind. Since, you’ve already done it, got to the meeting with me. Mr. Roy: Meeting? Ms. Quin: What? Are you questioning me? I’m letting you see for yourself how we high class managers hold an inter department meeting. If you aren’t at a certain level, you can’t even attend. It’s your luck to be able to go with me. Cherish and seize this opportunity, got it? Remember, after we go in, only speak when I tell you to.

Don’t start a fire for me! Mr. Roy: yes sir. Ms. Quin: move. Move! Get on it.


Ms. Quin: What? Did you go to the wrong department again? Ms. Min: Manager Quin.. this is the new employee in the Sales Department, Cheng Shi. This is her resume. Then, she’s all yours. Bye. Ms. Quin: bye.. , Ms. Cheng. Ms. Cheng: yes? Ms. Quin: you studied management. Ms. Cheng: yes. Ms. Quin: hey.. Ms. Cheng: yes? Ms. Quin: if you sent directly from HR, it means you have some connections. Tell me, what’s your connection? Ms. Cheng: I applied for the position myself. No one referred me. Ms. Quin: then listen to me Ms. Cheng Shi. The ost important department in Jing Shi Department is our Sales Department. Under my great and fine guidance, we have the highest performance of all departments. Ok. Ms Shin, do you really think that just because your last name is “Shin”, you’re the relative of the president or something? Hello no! the sales goal for our department is “do what I tell you to” ok? Hey you (pointing out Roy) this newbie is your responsibility. Mr. Roy: ok. She’s in good hands (Shin will step closer to Ms. Lou) Let me first introduce to you our co-workers. Ms. Cheng: it’s time for my lunch. (back out) Mr. Roy: hey Cheng, its working hours, where are you going?

Ms. Cheng: I already told you, to lunch! It’s almost noon. Mr. Roy: I was introducing your co-workers and you didn’t care. Is that the attitude a Newbie should have? Ms. Cheng: then may I ask you what attitude should a newbie have? Mr. Roy: respect your boss! Ms. Cheng: so it doesn’t matter whether the boss is right or wrong, everyone should shut up and blindly follow. That shouldn’t be called respect. Mr. Roy: Oh my! I don’t care. Anyway, manager wants me in charge. If you perform badly, I’m responsible. Ms. Cheng: I’m really hungry. If you have anything to say do it over lunch!. Mr. Roy: grr..


CEO: Jing Shi Department Store has always been the top performer of the department store industry. But this season, our sales have slumped badly. The gap between our sales and other five big department stores is narrowing. About this, I believe that each department has already come up with a proposal to reverse this trend. Manager Patrick Li, you go first. Mr. Li: Director, the Merchandising Department has always been able to attract the top brands. Of course, in the future we will to expand our market share. However, the performance of Sales department.. (Smile) the companies that we work with have all had problems.

CEO: where’s VP Cruz of Sales? Ms. Quin: Director, VP Cruz has taken the day-off, so I, Ms. Quin, am temporarily taking her spot today. CEO: then does Sales have any thoughts on the matter? Ms. Quin: we do. The Sales Department is “always be ready”. Christian Roy will report to you. Mr. Roy: Manager, you didn’t ask me to prepare anything. Ms. Quin: I don’t care whether or not you’re prepared. Go for it! Here yes. Mr. Roy: Director, after a long observation period conducted by our department, we found that the companies we work with also work with many other stores. This means the brands lack exclusiveness. Ms. Yao: Ms.

Lou, the Merchandising Department has already brought in world-class brands. If you don’t think that’s enough, please describe in detail what has to be done, so that we can improve. Mr. Roy: ahh.. hmm. Sorry Director but I don’t know we need first to conduct a new proposal again. Ms. Yue: Ms. Lou, don’t tell me you only have ideas but no concrete plan of action? How about this? CEO: Sales Department will take care of this case. Now, Mr. Quin how many days do you need?


Ms. Rhue: hey, why did you started a fire and in front of Director too? What we need to do now? Mr. Roy: I was just giving an example.

Who knew things would turn this way? Ms. Yao: You’re so pitiful Cristine Lou. You’re really a girl we should care about. I have an idea that could help you. Mr. Roy: how? Ms. Yao: easy. Just make an appointment with other competent store.. Ms. Cheng: (laugh) are you kidding Ms. Yao? Do you know guys why sales in the company have fallen? Mr. Roy: who knows? Ms. Cheng: because employee like you guys. You’re either stupid (staring at Lou), take pleasure in other misfortune (looking at Ms. Yao), complain after the fact (looking at Rhue), or have the attitude that it’s best to keep to yourself. I’d be shocked if the company’s sales increased.

Mr. Roy: (take a coffee) excuse me. Ms. Yao: besides criticizing and complaining, is there anything else you can do? Ms. Rhue: Correct! Ms. Cheng: I really want to do something, but I don’t have the opportunity. Ms. Rhue: there are opportunities. How could there be none? You can help Cristine Lou to settle this issue. Ms. Cheng: Please take responsibility for your own action. Not my doing. Mr. Roy: Ms. Cheng Shin, I don’t need a newbie who flips through magazines during office hours to help me. Ms. Cheng: thank God. I don’t have any interest in helping a boss who has only experience but no capability. Mr. Roy: what did you say?


Ms. Cheng made a secret proposal that can solve the company’s problem. All staffs and employers applaud Ms. Cheng for her great ideas and she is now promoted as the manager replacing its old one which is Ms. Quin. Ms. Cheng experienced some problems but only Roy helps her to come up. That’s why they became friends. Lately, Ms. Jing Shi becomes more proud to her daughter. Christian Roy is not the best or the hardest worker, neither is he the worst. They enjoy working because it gives him the money to enjoy life. They are the new generation of office workers. Ending: Dance Craze

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