DRAM 1310 Ch. 11: Theatre Today

From a practical standpoint, theatre may be considered a conservative institution because
it conserves
the history and conventional way of working as a theatre.
Postmodern playwrights and directors are mainly concerned with
the discontinuity of meaning.
Postmodernism relates to previous artistic movements in all the following ways EXCEPT
postmodern theatre attempts to illuminate the received truths of realism.
The roots of postmodern theatre can be located in the arts phenomenon called
Flashbacks that are not clearly framed as such, shuttling instead between time zones
without narrative warning, are examples of
nonlinear theatre
This theatre, formed by Joseph Chaikin in 1963, combined social improvisation with
Brechtian techniques and used character as a vehicle for direct interaction with audiences.
The Open Theatre
Which American playwright created works, including Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,
Fences, and The Piano Lesson, that portray the entire twentieth-century history of black
August Wilson
Which of the following is NOT true of the role of women in the history of drama?
Women are more under-represented today in theatre than at any point since the
Founded by Luis Valdez in 1965, which contemporary Chicano theatre was created to
dramatize the farm workers’ situation in California through didactic actos?
Teatro Campesino
An example of verbatim theatre, where the play consists of real-life speeches and
interviews, would be
Stuff Happens
Which of the following does NOT exemplify the contemporary trend toward revival?
plays which dramatize the life of the ancient playwrights account for a quarter of the
productions off Broadway
The emergence of spectacular theatre was facilitated mainly by
advanced theatre technology
Which of the following statements about the history of censorship is false?
Christopher Marlowe was killed in a duel with a government official defending his
right to stage Doctor Faustus.
Which genre, featuring little or no speaking, as in the piece Contact by Susan Stroman,
has moved from relative obscurity to Tony award-winning success in recent years?
dance theatre
Professional theatres operating on significantly reduced budgets and located primarily in
Greenwich Village, SoHo, and upper East and West sides of Manhattan became
collectively known in the 1950s as
Which of the following is NOT true of nonprofit theatres?
“Nonprofit” means that no one makes a profit; therefore, actors, stage designers, and
all members involved in the production receive no salaries.
Which of the following is true of performance art?
Performance art creates a provocative association of unexpected impressions around a
given theme.
This director/designer draws inspiration from Javanese rod puppetry, Balinese
headdresses, and African masks.
This director/designer draws inspiration from Javanese rod puppetry, Balinese
headdresses, and African masks.
Which Texas-born theatre and performance artist received critical attention for his
tableaux vivant and was invited to create the central performance work of the 1984 Los
Angeles Olympic Festival, the CIVIL warS?
Robert Wilson
Which English theatre artist, considered the most provocative director of the twentieth
century (b. 1925), created the International Center of Theatre Research and authored The
Empty Space, in which he divided modern drama into “the deadly theatre, the holy
theatre, and the rough theatre?”
Peter Brook
All of the following are considered leaders in movement art and dance theatre EXCEPT
Karen Finley
Which of the following is NOT true of Broadway performances?
The “Great White Way” has offered breakthrough teaching and acting positions
through government-funded mentorships and apprenticeships.
What description best characterizes the Borderlands Theatre?
Bilingual productions for the local Mexican-American community with minimal
If you were to join a discussion about macaronic drama, you would be chatting about
plays that
include speeches in different languages.
Which region in Europe has been producing, according to many critics, the most exciting
theatre of today, featuring subversive political ideas and artistic flamboyance conveyed
through classical plays?
include speeches in different languages.
The extremity in artistic representation that responded to the social change of the sixties
and the seventies took a number of forms, including plays that feature urination, bold
profanity, and total nudity.
While postmodernism emphasizes self-reflection and reflections on the past, it also
values rational logic and cause-and-effect determinism.
Postmodern theatre borrows ideas from both Beckett’s theatre of the absurd and Brecht’s
theatre of alienation.
The representation of homosexuality on stage was illegal in England as late as 1958.
Theatre of community features works created for a community, by members of that same
community, that often express, celebrate, and sometimes critique the culture of their
The variety of theatre introduced to suburban America in the 1970s that produced light
comedies, mystery melodramas, and musicals is commonly known as Off-Off-Broadway.
Although American artists are largely protected from direct censorship by the U.S.
Constitution’s first amendment, government funding is subject to approval by local and
national legislators who sometimes balk at funding the work of certain artists.
Some of the most historically significant and innovative theatres in the world, such as
Constantine Stanislavsky’s Moscow Art Theatre and Andre Antoine’s Théâtre Libre,
began as community theatres run by amateurs.
Shakespeare festivals, which began in the Great Depression and which now exist in every
state, originated with summer stock productions.
Jerzy Grotowski’s Towards a Poor Theatre emphasizes how performers should embrace
external artifice and divorce emotion from their technique.