Douglass Paper Questions

In parts of Maryland, slave mothers were customarily separated from their babies. To Frederick Bailey, why was this done?
Frederick Bailey did not know why it was done unless to “hinder the development of the child’s affection toward its mother, and to blunt and destroy the batural affection of the mother for the child” (42)
After his mother was sent to a farm “a considerable distance off,” who were the 2 people who raised Frederick until he was about 5½ years old?
A mulatto is a person who is part black and part white. Prove that Frederick Bailey was a mulatto by identifying his parents. Identify/Who = more than a name.
Frederick’s mother was Harriet Bailey, the daughter of Isaac and Betsy Bailey. His father was a white man and there were rumors that his master was his father, but Frederick neither confirms nor denies that. (42)
As a mulatto, why was Frederick legally a slave?
Slaveholders ordained a law that the children of slave women shall in all cases follow the condition of their mothers (43)
Though they lived in different places, what contact did Frederick have with his mother?
Frederick’s mother was bought by a Mr. Stewart after Frederick was born, and even though she lived twelve miles away she walked the whole distance after a day’s work to be with Frederick. (43)
What did Frederick and his mother do while they were together?
She would lie down with him and get him to sleep, but would leave long before his was awake (43)
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How old was Frederick when his mother died
Frederick was seven years old when his mother died (43)
WHY was a slave owner’s wife (his mistress) usually pleased when mulatto slaves were
“They are, in the first place, a constance offence to their mistress. She is ever disposed to find fault with them; they can seldom do anything to please her,” (43) Because the wives believed that their husbands were showing favoritism toward his other children. (43)
Identify Frederick Bailey’s first master/owner. Identify/Who = more than a name
Why was Frederick’s first owner “not considered a rich slaveholder?”
According to Frederick Bailey, how much did the plantation owner (Colonel Lloyd) spend on clothing for each slave per year?
What items of clothing were given to each slave yearly?
What clothing was given to slave children who were too young to work?
What food allowance was given to slaves on Colonel Lloyd’s plantation?
It was said that Colonel Lloyd owned over 1,000 slaves but he did not know all of them by sight, nor did these slaves know him. What was done to one of his slaves when, not knowing the colonel by sight, this slave answered Colonel Lloyd’s questions by giving his owner’s name and said the owner worked him hard?
QUOTE the maxim for overseers that was used by Mr. Gore.
When asked why he killed Demby, property worth at least $500, QUOTE Mr. Gore’s answer to Colonel Lloyd, Demby’s owner.
Before owning slaves, Sophia Auld was described by Frederick as “…a woman of the kindest heart and finest feelings.” What did slavery do to her heart and disposition? QUOTE required
Even though it was illegal, use details to tell 2 ways Frederick Bailey learned to read.
After learning to read, Frederick realized that reading was the white man’s power over the slaves. According to Master Auld, how would learning to read change the way a slave looked at himself/herself?
Use a QUOTE from Frederick Bailey to tell why, in his opinion, being able to read was a curse.
Use details to explain 2 ways that Frederick later learned to write.
How old was Frederick when he became a field hand?
How long was Frederick held in slavery?
When Frederick Bailey fought Covey, why did Frederick consider Covey to have lost the fight?
According to laws in Maryland, what could/should Covey have done after Frederick struck him, a white man?
How was this fight the turning point in Frederick’s career as a slave?
Who joined Frederick Bailey in his failed attempt to escape slavery?
Though it failed, what had been their plan to escape?
How did they obtain passes for this planned escape?
When discovered, what did Frederick do with his pass to prevent the white men from discovering his escape plan?
While working for William Gardner, why did apprentices beat Frederick?
At least 50 white ship-carpenters saw who attacked Frederick while he worked. Use a QUOTE from Douglass to tell why these white men refused to testify on Frederick’s behalf?
How much could Frederick earn in this trade of calking ships?
Because he was a slave, what happened to the wages Frederick earned?
IN DETAIL, how did Frederick Bailey escape from Maryland and reach New York City?
How long was Frederick Douglass a fugitive slave?
When and how did Frederick Douglass gain his freedom?
USE A QUOTE from Douglass to explain why, once he had run away successfully, he adopted the motto “Trust no man.”
What were 2 different erroneous ideas held by Frederick Bailey about the character and condition of people in the North before he escaped to the North?
Once he reached the North, what did Douglass find the living conditions and the actions of African Americans to be?
After going to New Bedford, how did Frederick learn about the ideas of abolitionists?
Why was Frederick Douglass slow to begin speaking at Abolitionist meetings?
Southerners defended slavery by saying that it gave heathen African slaves the opportunity to become Christians. USE A QUOTE from Frederick Douglass to tell why Bailey/Douglass thought white, southern Christians were hypocritical “men stealers for ministers, women-whippers for missionaries. “
People assumed that singing by slaves meant that they were happy. USE A QUOTE by Frederick Douglass that reveals what the singing really meant to slaves.
When making a speech in New York City, Douglass was asked why slaves “don’t rise and throw off the Yoke” of slavery. Frederick said the northerners were “as bad as slaveholders”. Use a QUOTE from Douglass in which he explains why the 26 northern states were as bad as the slave states
USE A QUOTE from Douglass’ speech on the Fourth of July which explains, in detail, what Fourth of July meant to American slaves?