Doubt kills more dream then actually it happens

One of the most common things I receive questions about is doubt and lack of self- confidence. People feel the impacts of both and seem to struggle with how to overcome these forces. It’s even been said that DOUBT kills more dreams than failure! Why is that? I would submit the difference is that, with fear of failure, people will push on to achieve their goals and only give up if such sometimes outside forces overwhelm them and they lose the ability to continue whereas doubt is exclusively

INTERNAL. Our own feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence overwhelm us long before actual failure typically does. We all face doubt from time to time and it’s perfectly normal. The feeling of discomfort brought on by doubt about a path you choose or a decision you make is uncomfortable and takes value away from your day. If you’re not careful, doubt can become a chronic illness, debilitating your life on a daily basis.

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Doubt kills more dream then actually it happens
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