Dominicans and Franciscans

When were the Franciscans founded?
Elizabeth Leuseur’s publication date
Study (Dominican)
Theologians who conduct weekly discussions on questions, in pursuit of the divine truth and to correct errors about Catholicism
people who believed the world was not created by God. Rigourously ascetic. Rejection of the human body. Located in southern France
Lay group of people who preached poverty and works of charity in 1170, later declared outlaws
Evangelical poverty, Identification with human and suffering Christ, Joy in suffering and nature
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When were the Dominicans Founded?
Publication of Cry of the Earth
4 Principles of Elizabeth
Careful Discretion about matters of faith, Toleration of the views of others, Emphasis on the connection with the individual, and home as a setting
Elizabeth Leseur was Born
Socio Economic Status in the 12th century
return of international trade, rise of merchant middle class, re establishment of cities
Reformed Benedictine order of very strict observance, founded by Citeaux in 1098
Mendicant Order
Supporting oneself by depending on others for everything
Inform the ignorant and address the misconceptions if they don’t know the basics
St. Thomas Aquinas
Notable intellectual of Dominicans, believed in the combination of study and prayer Born in Italy
St. Francis of Assisi
Born in 1182, believed in Evangelical poverty, and found the Franciscans. Travels to Assisi and the Middle East to preach. Patron Saint of Ecology.
One must contemplate and reflect on sacred truth. Vocal Prayer, popularization of the Rosary.
Preaching at the service of the church and the highest form of intellectual activity, supported by study and prayer
St. Dominic
1770-1221, Founder of Dominicans established in 1215, traveled to Scandinavia and Toulouse
Black Friars