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It is the story of wholeheartedly, naughty redhead Dads Mezzanine who lives in a titular academy with tenderfoot other boys - whose names begin with the letter A. Mr. Sleeks takes care of them with MattheWs, a starling who can pronounce only words' endings and who was once a boy. But The Sleeks' Academy is not a typical school - Mr.. Sleeks can interprets dreams, and his students throw ink during lessons as well as talk to heroes of other fairytale. The second book that I want to compare is a series of "Harry Potter" novels written by the British novelist J. K. Rolling in 1997.

Her books about Harry Potter are still a age phenomenon not only in the Great Britain but also around the world. It is about a young boy (Harry Potter) and his adventures during his presence at the Hogwash's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In school he goes on many adventures with his friends: Ron and Hermann. Many people in Poland who read both books are saying that the plot is almost the same. The similarities between "Harry Poet< and "Academy of Mr. Kleks" are so big that people started to speculate that J. K Rowling novels are plagiarized. Are similarities really that big?

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In this essay will try to compare these kooks and to find out whether it's a plagiary or just a result of happenstance. In both books main heroes, Adam and Harry, suddenly go to the Academy of Magic. Both schools are run by the elderly men who have long, grey hair and distinctive glasses. Both directors love children and they really love teaching. Tumbledown and Mr. Sleeks are famous for their unusual actions. Moreover, Harry and Adam are at the same age, they learn in a magic academy, know the magic tricks, they can fly and they have identical professors. Furthermore, areas of the universities where they are learning are magical places.

On the there hand these books have also many significant differences. Before Adam went to Academy Of Mr.. Sleeks he was living with his parents whereas Harry lost his parents when he was a baby. Henceforth, he was living with his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and their son Dudley. On his eleventh birthday, Harry found out that he is a wizard and he will go to Hogwash's. Adam got into Academy of Mr.. Sleeks in slightly different circumstances. Before he joined the academy he was always late for school, obviously he never had his homework done, he was also all fingers and thumbs. That was the main reason why his parents sent him to the Academy of Mr..

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