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Documents in a Business Environment

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The different styles of documents that could be used are spreadsheets, data sheets, slide shows, letters, fax documents and memos. The documents could be printed or they could be electronic format. 1. 2. When you create a document and store it onto your computed you can save it as different formats e. g. plain text (. txt) Microsoft word (. doc). PDF is another format that can be used but is not editable but you are able to change the formats from PDF to Microsoft word when saving. . 3. The documents I produce reflect the company itself so if I produce low quality ocuments with mistakes it doesn't give the company a professional image. A good quality document gives the customer a professional feel for the company and makes it easy to read, this also attracts the customers to the product. If the document is high quality it makes the documents easy to follow for the customer which gives them less work to do. 2. 2. 1 . To produce high quality documents there is many ways to do so.

A high quality printer is a must for quality print outs, also a high quality photocopier so you get a neat clear print. A scanner is also very useful so you scan documents to their original orm. To make the documents look good quality you can add pictures to the document to give it a friendly look e. g. adding your company logo. You should also use a simple layout for a near look using a font size that everyone will be able to read. 2. 2. Different resources to produce documents could be the internet, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Photoshop. 2. 3.

Different types of technology available for inputting, formatting and editing text could be - A Computer (monitor, keyboard and mouse) or laptop. Printer or scanner and also word processing software. A normal way of adding text into a computer is hrough a keyboard that usually comes with the computer itself. All keyboards are laid out in near enough the same format. You press the letters on the keyboard that is then transferred onto your word document on the computer screen. In most organisations the word document that is used is Microsoft word.

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Documents in a Business Environment

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Microsoft word gives you many different ways to help you input and edit your text. You are able to use many different styles of fonts and are able to choose what size font you would like to use. You are also able to do a spell check which scans your full document looking tor any spelling mis ption to correct them. takes that nave occurred and gives you 3. 3. 1 . The benefits of agreeing the purpose, content, style and deadlines for the production of documents is that all documents are written to a specific audience and have a consistent message.

The information in the document is easy to access and is clear, accurate and is readable. 3. 2. Before you start getting your documents together and organising them you need to find out how the documents is going to be presented, the information that is going to be in the document, who the document is for. You need to plan how long the ocument can be as you don't want to make it too long but don't want to not include not enough information and most importantly you need to know what the purpose of the document is.

If you are producing a document you have never done before it would be best to do a rough plan of your work before you do the real copy and also you need to write in the right format (formal or informal) 3. 3. Text and non-text can easily be added into Microsoft word as it enables you to insert pictures, graphs, clip art and also text boxes. Microsoft excel and PowerPoint are other examples of programs that you can also add text and non-text to. . 4. Most word programs have integrated spell checkers that are constantly checking every work you type onto the document.

Spell checkers are not always correct, for example it could try to correct "your" to you're" when it is not needed. Also, spell- check does not have every word so sometimes you will need to add your own words to the dictionary so next time you type it, it will show as correct. On Microsoft work to do a full spell check you go to 'Review on the top bar and click 'Spelling & grammar' on the left. 3. 5. Important documents whether majorly important or hardly important still have o be stored securely following certain policies and procedures like the Data Protection Act. It could be physical storage e. . putting into files or boxes and put away. Or it could be digital storage e. g. storing onto a hard drive or usb stick. Files that are stored in anyway have to be stored safely that no one else other than the people authorised can get access to. 3. 6. If personal information gets released to people without permission to see it can have serious consequences as it should be protected by the data protection act. t is important to meet deadlines because it saves time which means it saves oney and also we want to meet deadlines so we get things done quick and we are ahead of our competitors.

Not meeting your deadlines means other people who are working on the same case can also not meet their deadlines as they have to wait on you. For example, if i do not get a pack out by 4. 45pm on the day the deal is sold the advisors have to wait another day on top of waiting to receive the pack back to submit the pack to the lender. This overall effects the income of the company which effects everyone else's salary and disrupts any bonus system put in place.

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