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Do People Learn Who They Are Only When They Are Forced

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Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest leaders in American history who has votes himself entirely into the great reformation of the country, was not as dutiful as in his presidency before he become the leader Of United States. During his early political career, his opinion on controversy of slavery had always been neutral in front of public. Nevertheless, he showed his firmness and fortitude on reforming the social structure of the country after he had won his election. The difference between early and late politic career of Abraham Lincoln perfectly demonstrate that people need external force to achieve a new level in their career.

Another person who depicts brand new self after tremendous life change would be Kimberly Ghana, the Chinese girl from “Girl in Translation”. In the book, the girl and her family have immigrated to the great united States. The cruel reality she was living in made her become strong and brave when facing others who bully and disdain her.

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Despite all the pressure, she managed to study hard and gained scholarship in new private school. The headmaster admired her resilience and talents. Eventually, the saying “chance favors only the prepared mind” has proven on Kimberly. Her outstanding academic impressed Yale University.

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