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Do Black People Have Equality with Whit People in the Us in Teh 21st Century?

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It was just fifty years ago that racial segregation was one of the defining features of American society. Blacks were forced to exist separately from the rest of America – physically, economically, and socially – so reducing them to a second- or even third-class status which denied them their basic rights. The famous court case: “brown v the board of education”, raised awareness of segregation was the first major step towards change. Education is a basic necessity for every young person whatever their background is.

Due to the influences that slavery has had, public education was only designed for white people. Even though black children attended schools, these were often deprived, due to the lack of facilities available. Segregation is a form of racial discrimination, keeping black and white people apart.

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Thousands of people suffered from segregation, whether they were made to give up their seat on the bus or if they were simply forced to live in certain areas. The lack of education has meant that black people have no chance for moving up in the world.

With poor qualifications, they would have poor jobs prospects, working long hours and being paid next to nothing. Their children have no chance of moving up in the world. They have no chance of attending college let alone university or if they do they are unable to pay the tuition fees. The low percent that do manage to go there, have to work part-time or join the army in order to pay the fees. Poor jobs mean poor housing, which in turn means living in poor neighborhoods resulting in violence due to guns, alcohol, drugs.

All this means that there is a higher chance of dying younger. Poor jobs also lead to poverty and a poor diet and bad health. In the 1960’s the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. fought for the rights of Black people. Both men believed in the same idea that equality was enshrined the constitution ‘that all men are created equal’. However, this was not being implemented. Both men went about achieving this in two different ways. Martin Luther King believed in a peaceful protest, whereas Malcolm X believed that violence was the key.

There still isn’t enough black representation in the political system. Lack of political representation means that it has been difficult to enforce their rights. To conclude, the legacy of slavery has been the cause of the inequality between black and white people. Despite attempts to improve the lives of black people there has been only limited success . I think that the inequality of which black people suffer, has been caused by slavery. Without slavery having existed, would all men be equal?

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