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Diving and Changing the Wreck

Essay Topic:

Adrienne Rich’s poem Diving into the Wreck  is filled with personal myth at the birth of herself, in either a literal of a metaphoric sense. I will rewrite Rich’s 4th and 5th stanza in order to better utilize her personal myth and to make it more succinct that she is speaking about birth. I will chiefly be using her syntax, but with different word choices and with a different number of lines for each stanza.

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I breath in blue air,

That only gets bluer the more I come out of that dark place.

I delve into my subconscious, my unconscious, my primordial mind that only infants still posses.

I am born.

I am powerful, full of blood and air and crying it all out of me and into me

Again and again.

I am the sea of her,

For in the sea of my mother I saw the beginning of me.

This alone is my story,

Something deep

In the elemental self.

And now: I remember less

Of my purpose

In this outside world

That is beyond an umbilical chord

That ties me faithfully to my mother.

And yet…

I belong here too, just as my lungs adjust

To this new sea

So too does my vision.

I see reformed coral reefs,

And even though I breathe and eat outside of my mother

I am still there

And here, breathing just a little bit differently.

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