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Diversity Walkabout

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It cost us $12 to get in, but we learned that all proceed des go towards the Human Rights Education Project which aims to educate refugees and immigrant ants about their legal rights and responsibilities. In the hour or so that we were there, we saw a display of diverse backgrounds and cultures. We ate a variety of unfamiliar foods. My favorite the inning I tried was Baklava made by a woman named Man. It was uplifting to see how proud SSH e was of her culture and what she had made. It was very crowded and as we walked throw GHz we encountered efferent cultures being represented through art, music, dance, and cuisine.

T here was one woman displaying what looked like handmade corn husk dolls, squatting next to a man dancing and playing the drums. This was just one example of how the cultures mixed and blended and everyone was just happy to be celebrating this day together. At the end of the nightwear watched Erik George, a Professor of Law at the University of Utah receive the Human Rights award for her work against sexual assault. It was an nice closure to the night. This experience was very new for me but I really enjoyed it.

The atmosphere was very friendly and I didn't feel like anyone was judging anyone else and there was a sense of appreciation amongst everyone. It was an opportunity for me to see how dive rose Salt Lake really is, something that think people are often oblivious to. This experience was did efferent than other experiences I have had because it was as though I was an outsider learning lee raring about cultures knew nothing about, when usually my culture is the prominent one. Am very happy that ended up attending this event.

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Diversity Walkabout

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It made me feel like I had learned a lot a ND exposed myself to cultures I wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to. I now have a deeper a appreciation for the diversity that Salt Lake has to offer. This event is very relatable to what we have been learning in social justice. We have learned that the main reason why stereotypes and generalizations exist is beck cause people are uneducated and ignorant to how things really are. By going to this event, I WA s able to learn about different cultures. I don't think had any prejudices before going but I w as under many else impressions about the people that also call Salt Lake a home.

Now, I can say that know a little more than I did before and hopefully I can use that to do my part to stop the discrimination that happens against diverse cultures. There are still so many things I could lee ran about these cultures, but at least now I know they exist and I have seen a small portion of all the beautiful things they do and create. If anyone tried to tell me that Salt Lake wasn't diver SE or that the mixing of cultures throughout the city aren't important I would tell them that I eave seen first hand how wrong that is.

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