Disney Interview

Why do you want to do the Walt Disney World College Program?
Always been a dream of mine
meet new people
develop professional skills
What does Disney mean to you?
Christmas morning/ happiest day of my life
How will the college program help you professionally?
As a theatre major the program helps me by putting me in a work environment where you are constantly putting on a performance to create the magic.
What makes you a good candidate for the WDW CP?
I bring a positive attitude, a great work ethic, and a constant need to learn. These three things paired with my dream to work for Disney makes me a great candidate for the WDW CP.
What can you offer the company?
Great leadership skills, a hard work ethic, and extensive customer service skills a few of many things I can offer the company.
Explain how you would handle an emergency.
I would stay calm in the face of an emergency. Call for help. Make sure guests and myself are safe. It all depends on the situation and being able to think quick on your feet and stay calm. I was in a situation where a man had collapsed and was having a heart attack and my dad and I were the only ones near. I called 911 and then helped my dad prop the man’s head up a bit. I was 8 at the time and could remember that I had stayed calm during the entire process but as soon as everything was over i remember shaking with adrenaline.
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What Disney character is most like you?
Belle- I have a need to learn new things and seek out adventure. I don’t get bothered when people say negative things about me or think i’m odd because I am odd. I tend to not judge people by my first encounter with them and I look deeper to who they actually are.
Tell me about your past jobs.
My family does craft shows for a living so we travel a 17 state area selling handmade product. I am in charge of production, assembly, design, personalizing, cashiering, set up and tear down and creating pieces with customers. a craft show typically takes place over the weekend and is really busy. Im on my feet working rain or shine for sometimes 17 hours without a chance to go to the bathroom, eat or sit down. Because of the work ethic I have gained from doing craft shows, crafters without kids have sought out my siblings and I to work for them. Allowing me to work for a kettle corn booth, lemonade and german roasted almond booth, jewelry booth, handmade rugs, and furniture booth. when I am not working for my parents or for other crafters I have worked for companies like, Texas Roadhouse where I was an expeditor, Bello Cucina, where I was a hostess, bar tender, server, and desert and salad prep, McDonald’s where I was a front of house crew member and Starbucks where I am a barista.
How would your bosses (past & present) describe you?
Willing to help at the drop of a hat
3 words you/your manager/your coworkers would use to describe you?
Down to earth
Are you familiar with the parks, resorts, and Orlando area?
Parks- absolutely
Resorts- no, I haven’t been there
Orlando/Kissimmee- somewhat
What are you most looking forward to?
I’m most looking forward to going to sleep at night in my dorm and knowing that when I wake up I get to spend yet another day in Disney World. I’m also looking forward to meeting everyone and experiencing the flip side of a place I’ve come to know very well.
Where would you prefer to work?
Magic Kingdom as a princess or princess attendant
or Haunted Mansion attraction worker
What are three positive qualities about yourself?
1. I own up to and fix my mistakes
2. i have a high stamina (craft shows staying up in the rain or shine for sometimes 17 hours without getting tired or needing a break)
3. love interacting and getting to know new people
4. I’m a fast learner
5. staying positive in the face of negative circumstances
6. staying resilient (raziliant)
What’s a magical moment you’ve had in the Disney parks?
God awful orange and teal sweatsuit and I was embarrassed to walk around at that age. We sat down to watch the Live Lion King show and I got selected out of the audience to go up and be in the performance. That was my first taste of working for the Disney company and all I had to do was stand up there and get my section of audience members to make giraffe noises.
Describe a situation where I’ve had to work with a difficult person, boss or professor.
This last semester, I worked in a group for a performance class where our final project was to put on a performance for our class. My group and I had to work with a classmate who did not show up half the time and who did not pull their weight evenly but still expected an equal part in the performance as everyone in the group. As a group, we sat and figured out a solution where the classmate could still be in the performance but also helped out backstage to make up for the many rehearsals they had missed.
What is your definition of success?
When my life and the things I do betters the people around me.
If you were doing a task that was repetitive, how would you keep yourself interested in it?
Try to invented a way of accomplishing it in a different way each time. Try to make a game out of it. Keeping myself entertained and not letting the guests know i’ve been doing the same thing all day.
Example: If I was in charge of lining people up on carpet numbers for Aladdin’s magic carpet ride over and over I would count how many times in day I can get an exact even number and try to beat yesterday’s score or I have a trivia question for the day regarding the task I was doing and see how many guests can answer it.
What are three negative qualities about yourself?
1. I tend to get to focused on the task at hand (take a step back and go back into it)
2. I tend to be too hard on myself (I try to find the problem and make sure to not make the same mistake in the future)
3. Naturally independent and sometimes have a hard time relating to others (Try to think with a we attitude instead of a me attitude and counteract to the problem)
Do you mind working and living a 1000 miles away from home?
No, I would defiantly miss my family and my puppies at home but I would be working the place and having the experience i’ve always dreamed of doing. So i’m pretty sure I can manage. Being away from home is part of a college experience anyway.
What are your top four roles?
1. Character Performer
2. Character Attendant
3. Attractions
4. Full service Food and Beverage
5. Quick service Food and Beverage
6. Merchandise
Why do you want to be a Character Performer?
I love being around people and making them happy. Seeing the look of pure joy on a child’s face or even an adult when they see their favorite character is one of the happiest things to see. I’m very enthusiastic and have fairly good knowledge of Disney.
Why do you want to be a Character Attendant?
Being a character attendant to me is almost the same as being the character. Waiting with the families and getting to hear their stories about how meeting this character is their dream come true is a dream come true for myself. Knowing I get to help achieve someone else’s dream while living my dream is amazing.
Why do you want to work attractions?
I would want to work attractions because each attraction has a spiel and character that you go into in order to preserve the magic for the guest. Instead of looking at it as an attraction, I can get the guests waiting in line to go into the world of Agraba or Wonderland depending on which attraction i’m at.
Why do you want to work Full service or Quick service food?
I enjoy serving and being around people. I have a lot of experience serving guests and working in the food industry. When i’m waiting on a family, I enjoy getting to know them for the hour or so I’m serving them. I enjoy getting to know them even if it’s just to buy a lemonade from a stand.
Why do you want to work merchandise?
I enjoy helping and being around people. It genuinely makes me happy. I have a lot of experience in the merchandising field because of my family business.
What if a guest is being violent with a character?
I would ask them to kindly stop and if they did not stop or parents did not step in, I would try to contact security and get the character and myself out of harms way.
What does character integrity mean to you?
Sticking to your guns and trying to be the best version of yourself no matter the situation
What would you do if a child was afraid of a character?
I would tell them that when I was their age I met (the character) for the first time and I was really really scared but then (the character) gave me the biggest hug and I could tell we were going to be best friends and then I wasn’t scared anymore.
How is _____________ in two parks at once?
They use tinker bell’s dust to move between parks.
What would you tell guests if you had to turn them away because a line was closed for the day?
I would apologize and give them options as to where other characters are or when this character was going to come back out.
Mickey has to go take pluto for a walk
Daisy has to go get ready for her date with Donald
Cinderella has to go get ready for the ball
Elsa has to go help Olaf, he lost his flurry again.
How do you feel speaking in front of large groups?
I feel very comfortable, I’m a theatre major with a leadership minor so if i’m not comfortable by now then there might be a problem
What if someone asked why the fur characters don’t talk?
They are saving their voices for the parade later on!
how I would say ‘____ has to leave’.
Mickey has to go take pluto for a walk
Daisy has to go get ready for her date with Donald
Cinderella has to go get ready for the ball
Elsa has to go help Olaf, he lost his flurry again.
How would I act as a character performer?
I would be very enthusiastic and I would always be smiling. I think i’d be more excited to meet all the new people than they would to see me.
What would I do if a child was scared of me?
I would try to make them laugh and ease up a bit. Tell a joke. Ask how their day is going. Favorite thing to do?
What would you do if a 4 year old girl wanted to ride space mountain but she was too short?
I would apologize and say that it’s not safe to travel into space for her and offer other rides where she would be tall enough to ride.
What would you do if you messed up your spiel?
Like any performance you are supposed to keep going. I would keep going and make sure to not mess it up the next time. As a captain in sports, when giving before game pep talks I would mess up every now and then but always managed to keep going and make up for it.
Are you comfortable talking in front of people?
I’m very comfortable talking in front of people
Favorite movie?
Robin Hood
Favorite Character?
My favorite characters from Disney movies are Aurora and Maleficent but when visiting the parks my favorite character to visit is Gaston
Favorite Park?
Magic Kingdom
Favorite Ride?
Test Track in Epcot and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Seven Dwarves Mine Train in Magic Kingdom
Do you have cash handling experience?
Yes, working my family’s business I would work register, serving and bar tending works with each individual guest you serve and at Starbucks I would open in the mornings and have to start by counting my drawer and counting it when I returned the cash bag
If a package of chips comes at $1.50 each, and a guest wants 3, and gives you $10, how much change do you give back?
What would you do if someone wanted an item, and the shop was out of it?
I would start by apologizing and then I would call to the stockroom to see if someone could bring the item up. If not I would see if there was another merchandise area in the park they could find it or possibly order it and have it sent to their room. An effort would be made to make the request filled
What would you do if a guest wanted a specific item that you did not carry anywhere in your park?
I would tell them which park has the items or refer them to Downtown Disney’s World of Disney Store because it is one of the biggest Disney merchandise stores. Check online. Offer to reserve or order the item.
You will have to be able to pin trade with customers, will you be comfortable with children touching your lanyard and asking to trade?
Absolutely. I pin trade myself ad am excited to keep the tradition going.
If your phone is ringing, you are checking a person out, and someone in the store needs help with an item… what do you do first, second, and last?
Answer the phone and ask them to hold, apologize to checkout customer and then answers the customer question.
Are you open to QSFB or Custodial roles?
I’m open to them regarding picking up extra shifts if I needed to cover someone. But I would like to attain some of my top choices.
Do you mind working outside, in the Florida heat?
Not at all. Any outside heat is better than hot stuffy basketball gym heat. I’m from MN so I know I would have to get used to the Florida heat but it is pretty easy to adapt.
Would you rather work alone or in a group setting?
I like both but group would be ideal. wherever there are people.
How would you handle a guest who doesn’t speak English, but clearly needs help?
I would direct them to guest services or try to find a cast member who could help. If they can not understand me trying to direct them to guest services I would find a park map and draw it out for them.
Do you mind working morning, evenings, late nights, weekends, holidays?
No, I work them at home already so it wouldn’t be any different to me.
Would you rather work in a slow or a fast-paced environment?
I like a fast paced environment because it keeps me on track and focused. I’m used to working under pressure and to make deadlines.
How would you make a guest’s day?
Every good thing starts with a smile so I would start by smiling and then asking how their day is going paying attention to things like first time buttons and birthday buttons.
Tell me about a time where you made a guest happy at a previous job.
Working for my parents i remember I was at a show in Frankfurt, Illinois and a couple who had their first baby girl came into our booth and lit up to see all the girly things. I helped them pick out growth charts and name signs and a bulletin board with the colors of the child’s room to match. It is always fun to make connections with customers each year we return.

My family used to do the MN State fair and I would usually be the one working it by myself. Everything in the booth has the option of being personalized by me to have a name on it and when I’m finished i sprinkle glitter over the top to make it sparkle. within the first five mins of the day i am covered head to toe in diamond dust. I remember every time a little girl would walk by she would say “mommy look, it’s a princess” and I would ask if the little girl would like to be a princess too. I’d tell her tinker bell gave me some pixie dust to share with my friends and I’d sprinkle some in the little girls hands and tell them to make a wish and they would walk away with the most determined look to not spill any of the pixie dust.

Tell me about a time where you didn’t get along with your co-workers.
While working a lunch shift a McDonald’s I remember having to do the breakfast dishes and another crew member was supposed to help me to get them done faster and move on to other things. My co-worker did not want to help and knowing the job had to get done I took the initiative to get it done by myself so the dishes wouldn’t be left for the next person to come in for the shift.
Tell me about a time where a guest was difficult. What did you do?
There are many times in the food business where guests are difficult. I was serving at Bello Cucina and I had a lady who kept sending her steak back to be cooked again and cooked again until finally it was right. I truly listened to what the customer wanted and tried my very best to get the meal to their exact specifications.
As a guest, what do you expect when you arrive to your WDW Resort?
I expect a magical welcome with happy faces from everyone. I expect a smooth check in and being helped by cast members who truly enjoy their job.
How do you feel about the apartment/dorm setting?
I feel great about it, grew up sharing a room with my sister and in college living with roommates.
How would you handle living away from home?
There are things like Skype and phone calls. I wouldn’t think too much of it because i live away from home while attending the U of M.
How would you handle a roommate disagreement?
In the face of roommate disagreements, compromise and having an open mind help a lot. I listen to what my roommate has to say and think with a we attitude not a me attitude.
What do you think the worst aspect of WDW CP housing would be and why?
Having family come down and not being able to give them a place to stay and visit. But I understand that rules are in set for a reason.