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Discussion Forum for Nursing Leadership Course Critical Analysis

Managers over the years yearn for the best managerial style there is in accordance with the kind of leadership that organization necessitate with.A managerial style needs to examine the influence of other important variables (ward philosophy, leadership style, intra- and inter-professional working, staffing levels and skill mix) which could have been as important as the nursing system in affecting performance.

Continuity of care, responsibility and accountability are among the virtues required for every leader so as to maintain a strong disposition in a group and at the same time create a harmonious relationship with the rest of the members.As for this case, the organization’s goal is toward productivity—therefore the group needs a foundation of values and task descriptions that will keep the members informed on the tasks at hand (Meredith & Jr.

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, 2008).

Directive autocratic form of leadership would be most appropriate. In essence, the leader should be intellectually equipped and experience-ready since nursing programs are typically run through a set of standards. The very fact that such kinds of practitioners are dealing with health, or most importantly the lives of their patients, it is only but fitting for the leader to be composed, systematic and organized especially when it comes to delegation and on meeting deadlines or time-frames. Analysis

For example, as for instances wherein the organization is one point or another required to work with a partnership, the leader should anticipate possible discrepancies in terms of production so as to preempt the occurrence of one or, at the least, allot enough time for the partnership to address or to be able to resolve the impending crisis as soon as possible. Internal problems can be resolved through the early exposition of predicted problems thereby creating enough time between the occurrence of the predicted problem and the current timeframe.

This expanse of time should be used in order to formulate sets of solutions as early as time permits. , when the partnership is faced with drawbacks from either sides, it should be the case that both should not leave-out the other party and, instead, provide substantial assistance in order to uplift the business relationship and lessen the impact of the problem to both organizations concerned. Conclusion As a matter of fact, managers can empower others through a variety of ways.

These ways include granting subordinates with technical skills acquired through skills-enhancing tasks or through educational discussion, or by delegating to the employees special or non-conventional aptitude or competence by involving these people on duties that are beyond their working status quo. Managers can also empower not only their subordinates or employees but also those who belong to the higher or superior ranks.

Supervisors or office executives can be further empowered by the manager by providing critical insights and ideas that are fresh and go beyond the usual habit of mere task accomplishment. Those in the upper positions can obtain empowerment when the manager exposes these individuals to the recent developments within the firm or company either through status reports or through corporate discussions, thereby providing them new information that grants them the capacity to craft new business policies.

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