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Disability Form

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Good day! I am writing this letter to shed light on a recent incident that I have unfortunately been tied up in. as you may well know, I have been working for Borgota for five years. Over this time, I have been efficient and effective in the discharge of my functions and responsibilities. As fortune would have it, I have found myself in disability for the first time. As such, I was not fully aware nor was I apprised of the necessity of filing certain disability claims in order for me to receive my disability check.

This led to the failure of the Department of Labor to process my disability checks for the past six weeks. I have never been one to shirk on my responsibilities and neither am I one to blame my misfortunes on other people.

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Yet, in this instance, I feel that my predicament warrants my action on this matter. Given my disabled status, I have had several difficulties adjusting to normal life and to normal routines.

Understandably, it was difficult for me to adjust as I had to deal with this situation on my own. I am not asking for pity or sympathy but rather the understanding for somebody who is in my situation. Times are difficult and this disability of mine does not make things easier, as such, I am imploring your aid so that I can try to move on from this circumstance and soon pick myself up so that I can once again be a productive member of society.

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