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Digital Natives and Social Media

Abstract emma Conference 2013  Bournemouth University Digital Natives and Social Media An Empirical Study about the Importance of Social Media and its Impact on  Media Communication Author(s)  Prof. Dr. Mike Friedrichsen Stuttgart Media University Media Business and Media Economics [email protected]? stuttgart.

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de (email for correspondence! ) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Muhl? Benninghaus Humboldt University Berlin Department Cultural

An Empirical Study about the Importance of Social Media and itsImpact on Media Communication Keywords:  Digital Natives, Social Media, Social Networking, Media Communication, Flow of Information, Use of Social Media Digital Natives are the generation born during or after the general introduction of digital technology. While individuals from elder generations recall organizing, planning and interacting withone another without mobile devices, computers or the Internet, Digital Natives have been using these technologies since their early years.

They are the same, but  different to previous generations. Digital  Natives  have  an  inherent  understanding  of  digital  technologies,  as  they’ve  been  integrated into their lives since early childhood. They are part of a tech? savvy generation at  the  forefront  of  technological  progress  and  want  to  be  connected  when  they  wish,  from  anywhere. Now graduated from secondary education, the first generation of Digital Natives  is entering the working world – and transforming it at a fast pace. Technology  has  been  integrated  into  the  lives  of  Digital  Natives