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Diet and Health

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After taking the cholesterol, heart and blood pressure quizzes at Intelihealth. com, I have obtained a score of 73% wherein out of the total 11 questions, I got 8 correct questions, 64% wherein out of the total 14 questions, I got 9 correct questions and 67% wherein out of the total 12 questions, I got 8 correct questions. Because of the positive result, I believe that I know an adequate amount of information about cholesterol and blood pressure. Though not that extensive, I am aware of the basic facts regarding risk factors, prevention, or treatment.

Through this exercise, I have acquired new ideas about cholesterol. I have learned about the correct cholesterol level that adults should keep in mind in order to eliminate the risk of heart diseases. However, “a high level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) also increases the possibility of having a heart disease, as does a LOW level of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol) (InteliHealth, “Choleterol Quiz”).

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Another interesting fact that I have learned was that blacks are more susceptible to having high blood pressure than white people. (InteliHealth, “Heart Quiz”).

Also, a “silent killer” disorder takes the form of high blood pressure or hypertension, does not usually show any symptoms so it is advisable that everyone regularly go to the doctor for medical check-ups to monitor one’s physical condition (InteliHealth, “Blood Pressure Quiz”). Given all these facts, everyone should be constantly aware of the food that they take in order to monitor their cholesterol levels. More so, regular visits to the doctor can minimize the occurrence of heart and blood pressure-related diseases. As a result, people would be living a more a healthy lifestyle thus extending their life span.

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