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Diagram Architecture

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Reading Response (Diagrams Matter by Stan Allen) "A diagram architecture is not necessary an architecture produced through diagrams.... Instead, diagram architecture is an architecture that behaves like a diagram, indifferent to the specific meaner of its realization. " (Par. 13) This paragraph points out the answer that beginners architecture students struggled to find. In the process of design, I try to find the potential through the translation from reality to the abstract diagram.

While I wonder if the architecture should carefully be developed room the analysis; the images representing the essential information. Comparing the statement of Stan Allen to the analysis project for this semester, I realized, the diagrams give us the chance to study and create in a special way by not duplicating what is already given. "... Since nothing can enter architecture without having been first converted into graphic form, the actual mechanism of graphic conversion is fundamental. In my opinion, the use of diagram does not describe the actual object but shows the relationship between different elements or technique that was used to mom up with one simple design idea. Most students in architecture usually struggle to make an efficient diagram to show things such as concept, process and analysis drawing. Thinking about the feature of diagram, the visual character is to represent the simplicity of an object.

To me, it meaner the diagram is abstract tool to represent the idea and the process of design. But Stan Allen defines the diagram as the organization, "description of potential relationships among elements, not only an abstract model of the way things behave in the world but a map of possible orals. " (Par. 1) And these possible worlds became full of invisible images and information opposing to materiality of buildings.

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In this invisible time, the diagram has potential to be efficient method as well as strong tool in architecture because "a diagrammatic practice locates itself between the actual and the virtual". Stan Allen argues and states a lot of architects' portfolios, theory and practice who do use diagrams to create architecture. He does believe they are not Just a single statement but rather they are transposing ideas rather than translating them. We generate diagrams to create new ideas.

He even goes as far as dividing the diagrams into stages of generating ideas, to communicate. Overall, diagramming helps to gather all information/data that surround a project, compare relationships and discover new information that might help to design effectively. The most difficult bridge to cross is applying one's diagram and relationship to the overall design. From this reading, I am convinced diagrams helps to manipulate information to symbols to understand the basic concept of a design.

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