Developmental Psych – Test 3 Narrative Essay

Most emerging adults think that _____ is the purpose of sex.
Dr. Richardson asks her class which age group is most in favor of same-sex marriage. A student raises his hand and correctly identifies _____ as being most in favor of it.
emerging adults
Four-year-old Davis believes that God gave his little brother to his mother because she stayed overnight at the hospital. Davis is at the _____ stage of religious faith.
In the United States and worldwide, women above age 30 are having _____ children than they did twenty years earlier, and emerging adults are having _____ children than they did then.
more; fewer
Historically, peak newborn survival occurred when mothers were _____ years old at the time of birth.
18 to 25
What is rated as most important for successful marriage by Western emerging adults?
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Using a drug in a quantity or a manner that harms physical, cognitive, or psychosocial well-being is called drug _____.
When college students are asked to solve a puzzle problem independently, only about 10% solve it correctly. Then, when students who did not solve the problem were allowed to discuss the problem together, 75% got it right. This illustrates the participants’ _____.
cognitive flexibility
A situation in a romantic relationship wherein one partner wants to address an issue and the other refuses, resulting in opposite reactions, is referred to as _____.
demand/withdraw interaction
The process of aging by which the body becomes less strong and efficient is referred to as _____.
Recently, which age group has the highest rate of unemployment?
emerging adults
On average, well-being increases in emerging adulthood, as does the incidence of _____.
What would be an example of the influence of social norms?
a 22-year-old going to the gym after class
Diagnosis of _____ is most common from ages 18 to 24, with men more likely to develop the disorder than women.
Marriages evolve, sometimes getting better, sometimes getting worse. A factor that may lead to marital dissatisfaction is _____.
financial instability
Sunny watched a video of her professor giving a lecture about genes and environment the night before class. When she got to class the next day, her professor facilitated a discussion about the role of nature and nurture with respect to development. Sunny was experiencing _____.
a flipped class
Approximately what percentage of 18- to 25-year-olds in the United States and Canada are of African, Latino, Asian, or Native American (or, in Canada, First Nations) descent?
Research has found that cohabitation prior to marriage _____.
increases the likelihood of divorce
Friends _____ mental health and _____ physical health.
strengthen; strengthen
A student believes that divorce is right if the marriage partners are no longer in love, even if the couple has children together. The student is reasoning from a morality of _____ orientation.
The Western ideal is _____ love.
Juan is a first-year college student. He has about a _____ percent chance of earning a bachelor’s degree.
According to the text, the relatively low rate of interethnic marriages is attributable to _____.
the formation of romantic relationships of similar backgrounds
Leg muscles _____ throughout adulthood.
retain their adolescent strength
Hugo is a recent college graduate. He is more likely to do all of the following EXCEPT _____.
smoke more
Robert is just leaving his 11:00 a.m. college class and he is extremely hungry. He heads over to the cafeteria and orders a meal. After eating for about 10 minutes Robert is feeling full and decides not to finish the entire meal. Robert’s behavior is likely under the influence of his _____.
set point
For most people, social networking has _____ social isolation in emerging adulthood.
In what proportion of families around the world does arranged marriage occur?
Xavier is a male in the developmental stage of emerging adulthood. He can expect to notice all of the following physical changes EXCEPT for increased _____.
body fat
“Hooking up” involves a sexual encounter _____.
without a romantic relationship
What domestic abuse behavior are women consistently more likely to experience than men?
Kevin is a high school junior who has wanted to attend college since he was in elementary school. According to recent research, what will most significantly influence whether Kevin will attend college, and if he does, whether he graduates?
family income
When heterosexual couples are romantically committed to each other they tend to have _____ cross-sex friendships.
Research indicates that the process of moral thinking _____.
improves with age
Chanel has recently finished high school and is now attending college. After earning her undergraduate degree she plans to continue on to graduate school. In addition, Chanel is not seriously dating anyone and thinks marriage and parenthood are years away. Chanel is at which developmental stage?
emerging adulthood
About _____ of emerging adults believe that premarital sex and non-marital childbirth are morally wrong.
Delilah is currently a 22-year-old college student. Like most of her peers she believes that premarital sex is _____.
The psychometric approach to studying cognitive development analyzes intelligence using _____.
IQ tests and other measures
During emerging adulthood, all body systems _____.
function optimally
In general, DIT scores that assess moral thinking _____.
rise with age
According to Erikson, the stage of intimacy versus isolation _____.
reflects the desire to share one’s life with someone else
Jackson is experiencing stereotype threat. Research indicates its effects can be reduced by _____.
convincing Jackson that his achievement depends on hard work
Personality is plastic, but a person’s personality will be affected lifelong by _____.
childhood experiences
On his own time, Ron looked over his course syllabi for the term and realized that, in three weeks, he had three assignments due on one day. Ron decided he would do one assignment per week for the next three weeks so that he would have them all done by their due dates. Ron is demonstrating _____ thinking.
Rachel dreaded going to her college psychology class with Dr. Marco. Professor Marco lectured for the entire 50 minutes about research findings and she did not always understand the information. One day, Professor Marco included personal stories in his lecture to illustrate the research concepts. Rachel found that she was better able to understand the material and think critically about it. She learned more when Dr. Marco used ____ in class.
a combination of analysis and emotion
Jordan is a freshman in college and is at the very beginning of Perry’s scheme of cognitive development. He believes that _____.
authorities know what is right
All of the following impact commitment in a romantic relationship EXCEPT _____.
common backgrounds
According to Fowler’s religious stages, faith, like other aspects of cognition, progresses from a(n) _____ view of life to a(n) _____ view.
simple, self-centered, one-sided; complex, unselfish
When 18-year-old high school graduates of similar backgrounds and abilities are compared, those who begin jobs rather than going to college after graduation are more likely to eventually _____ than those who earned a college degree.
achieve less and be less satisfied by middle age
Which task would be easier for a 21-year-old than a 51-year-old?
walk up 4 flights of stairs
Joya is a 21-year-old college student. Statistically, she is MOST likely to _____.
binge drink
Young adults rarely experience serious illness because which three systems of body functioning tend to work in harmony?
organ reserve, homeostasis, allostasis
During emerging adulthood, self-esteem and happiness _____ for most people.
Happiness among those who cohabit is associated with national _____.
acceptance of cohabitation
Dr. Anderson is studying the frequency of cross-sex friendships. Dr. Anderson has found that cross-sex friendships are _____.
A violent and demeaning form of abuse in a romantic relationship, in which the victim is frightened to fight back, seek help, or withdraw, is referred to as _____.
intimate terrorism
Compared to individuals without a college education, those with a college education tend to be _____.
healthier and wealthier
With regard to modern contraception, _____ has a failure rate of about 1 in 400 women.
After Brenda finished college, began working in her chosen field, and started a family, her thinking became _____.
more practical
Which BEST describes the data on interethnic marriage in the United States?
The official data underestimate the rate of such marriages
If Sean is like a typical college student he would indicate that he is in college primarily for all of the following reasons EXCEPT _____.
to gain a general education
Sara is a successful, conscientious college student with good time management skills. According to the text, Sara is likely to be attending college _____.
The term massification means that _____.
college could benefit everyone
A research study of people aged 13 to 45 found that logical skills improved from _____ to _____, then stayed steady, but social understanding continued to advance.
adolescence; emerging adulthood
Although Leah has a closet full of clothes and shoes she is shopping for a new outfit to wear on Saturday night. Leah wants to look good and she thinks a new outfit will help her accomplish this goal. Statistically, Leah is most likely to be what age?
23 years old
All members of a family have _____, as the experiences and needs of individuals at one stage of life are affected by all those at other stages.
linked lives
Most girls reach their maximum height around age _____.
For most Western emerging adults, what is considered the primary prerequisite for marriage?
If Dean is like about half of his peers attending four-year-colleges, he will pay more than _____ per year in tuition at his four-year college.
Generally, when is physical touch most likely to occur between two male friends?
when their favorite team wins a football game
Dimitri, age 24, is studying to take the exam in order to become a certified public accountant. According to John Holland’s six categories of people, Dimitri is MOST likely in the _____ category.
A common logical error of emerging adults is delay discounting, the tendency to _____.
undervalue events in the future
Forms of recreation that include apparent risk of injury or death and that are attractive and thrilling as a result are referred to as _____ sports.
Janel is a 19-year-old who has developed a fear of interacting with people. She is most likely experiencing _____.
social phobia
A vector is _____.
a person who spreads a disease
Genevieve is about to complete her bachelor’s degree. If she is typical, once she is established in her career she will earn approximately _____ more per year than a peer without a college degree.
Talal is 23 years old and works in an entry-level sales position at a local company. If he is typical, in the next few years, he will _____.
change jobs, perhaps several times
An arrangement in which a couple lives together in a committed romantic relationship but are not formally married is referred to as _____.
A popular term for parents who hover over their emerging adults, ready to swoop down if any problem arises, is _____ parents.
Which statement made by a teacher is MOST likely to activate stereotype threat?
“This exam will show which gender has better grammatical skills.”
Bart is 21 years old and is not sure what kind of work he would like to do after college. Like many Americans his age, Bart has not yet developed a _____ identity.
A woman from _____ is most likely to choose the birth control bill for contraception.
All smoking diseases are _____.
dose and duration sensitive
Lena began a plan to quit smoking shortly before losing her job. However, in the midst of the financial and personal turmoil of her job loss, she abandoned her efforts and bought more cigarettes. This is an example of _____.
attention myopia
Which statement about gastric bypass surgery in obese adults is FALSE?
Such surgery decreases the need for life-changing habits
At what age is an individual likely to experience the slowest sexual arousal?
60 years old
From a purely biological perspective, women should try to conceive before age _____ and men before age _____.
25; 30
Infertility is often defined as being unable to conceive after _____ months of trying to get pregnant.
In an aging brain _____.
reaction time lengthens
Alice has diabetes, but tells everyone that she feels healthy and energetic. How Alice feels would be associated with a high score on a measure of _____.
Disability does not necessarily equal morbidity. In the United States, of the adults who are disabled, only _____ percent consider their health fair or poor.
Which individual is most at risk for significant brain loss by age 65?
Hank, who drinks five beers per day
Middle-aged Robert and his adolescent son are sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Robert is holding his section of the newspaper rather far from his eyes. His son asks, “Dad, why are you holding the paper so far away? If I held it that far away I could not read anything!” Robert replies, “I think it is because I am developing _____.”
Which of the following pregnant women is most likely to experience birth complications?
Vera, age 44
In middle adulthood, a person is MOST apt to lose _____.
nearly an inch in height
The diseases and chronic conditions associated with aging _____.
may be strongly affected by individuals’ routines and habits
Which individual is least likely to smoke during adulthood?
Julian, from Canada
Compared to men the same age, adult women have _____ rates of mortality and _____ rates of morbidity for almost every chronic disease.
lower; higher
Which psychoactive substance is a 30-year-old most likely to use?
Currently in the United States, _____ of adults are overweight.
Severe brain loss that occurs before late adulthood could be caused by any of these factors EXCEPT _____.
George is 65 years old and is experiencing some symptoms of age-related hearing loss. If he is typical for his age, which sound would be the LEAST audible for him?
the voice of a small child
Statistically, which female has the MOST acute hearing?
Kara Lyn, who is 10 years old
Adulthood covers the four decades of life between ages _____ and _____.
25; 65
Regular exercise helps adults in all these ways EXCEPT _____.
eliminating the impact of tobacco use
A study of women in the United States aged 40 and older found that _____.
sexual activity decreased each decade but satisfaction did not
Research studies on alcohol use have shown that _____.
moderate use of alcohol may increase longevity
Approximately 12 percent of U.S. couples are _____.
Patricia is in her early 60s and can pick flowers for hours, but can only lift the heavy rocks in her garden for a few minutes. Her inability to lift the rocks for longer is due to a reduction in _____.
type II muscle fibers
_____ usually refers to the number of deaths each year per 100,000 members of a given population.
At a recent doctor’s visit, Ted’s doctor informed him that he is at an age when he is likely to experience lower testosterone levels. Ted was informed that, due to lower testosterone levels, he could experience a reduction in all of the following EXCEPT _____.
hair loss
The first visible signs of senescence are usually observed in a person’s _____.
Worldwide, women live _____ years longer than men, but there is variation from place to place.
Research has found that between the ages of 20 and 60 _____.
metabolism slows down by about a third
Iris has arthritis in her hands, which limits her ability to cook meals and fold laundry. Iris’s physical limitations are associated with _____.
In the United States, which individual’s insurance is most likely to cover the cost of assisted reproductive technology?
Aimee, who has federal military medical insurance
Which statement is true for people of both genders as they age with respect to the sexual-reproduction system?
Reproduction becomes less likely.
What percentage of adults in the United States and England get at least 30 minutes per day of exercise?
less than 5
The term andropause, or “male menopause,” is sometimes used to refer to _____.
the age-related reduction in testosterone
What global trend is evident with regard to alcohol?
Low-income nations have more abstainers and abusers than affluent nations.
What is the term for the phenomenon that happens when a person’s resolve to break a habit fades when faced with stress?
attention myopia
A drop in sex hormones in a woman’s bloodstream along with cessation of ovulation and menstruation signals _____.
Research has found that screening for prostate cancer has led to overdiagnosis, negative biopsies, and surgery to remove prostate cancer that would not have spread, which has resulted in _____ morbidity.
The measure of health MOST indicative of the quality of one’s daily life is _____.
After hearing test results from her doctor, Janice realized her weight was really impacting her health. With respect to the process of changing a habit, what step is Janice at?
An analysis of DALYs in 21 regions found that _____ is the most common cause of disability.
heart disease
Malek is 45 years old. Research indicates that it will take him approximately _____ times as many months to impregnate a woman than it would have when he was 20 years younger.
A group of friends, all about 60 years of age, are playing cards. What characteristic of senescence do they MOST likely have in common?
Their faces have wrinkles.
Which individual is most likely to live the longest with the least amount of disability?
Juanita, who has a law degree
Which physical change does NOT typically occur in middle adulthood?
The space between the spinal disks widens.
About _____ percent of the lung cancer deaths worldwide, and _____ percent in industrialized nations, are caused by cigarettes.
70; 90
Marie is 50 years old. Which activity is likely most difficult for her to do?
dance a waltz
Most adults are not aware of senescence until about age 60 or so due to _____.
The average age of menopause is about _____ years.
In controlled longitudinal studies, the U.S. Women’s Health Initiative found that taking estrogen and progesterone _____ the risk of heart disease, stroke, and breast cancer.
What experience is least likely to be associated with hearing loss?
watching television
Janice, who is 55 years old, needed to get three projects done by the end of the week at work. When she was younger she would have worked on all three projects more or less at the same time. Now that she is older, however, Janice needs to work on one project at a time. Janice’s current inability to multitask is due to changes in her _____.
Bob has just been diagnosed with diabetes. His diagnosis will contribute to the _____ rate.
What is one crucial factor for success at the “implementation” stage of breaking a habit?
social support
Jim, who is 60, couldn’t understand why he kept slowly gaining weight. He was eating the same amount of food that he had each day since he was 20 and he got regular exercise. What could explain his weight gain?
His metabolism had slowed down.
Which statement does NOT describe the effect of SES on a person’s life span?
The impact of SES on life span is decreasing in the U.S.
During the past 50 years, advances in medicine have solved about half of all _____.
fertility problems
The group of people that moves through life with an individual while providing both protection and encouragement is called a _____.
social convoy
The term g refers to _____ intelligence.
Intelligence that reflects accumulated learning is referred to as _____.
crystallized intelligence
Baltes and Baltes found that adults use their intellectual strengths to offset their age-related declining abilities through the process of _____.
selective optimization with compensation
Practical intelligence, one form of Sternberg’s intelligences, would be needed to _____.
understand the needs of family members
Emily is her family’s kinkeeper. This means that she assumes responsibility for _____.
gathering the family for holidays and disseminating information
The research design that involves testing groups of subjects of different ages multiple times and comparing their scores with their own scores in previous periods in addition to the scores of new groups of adults of the same ages is called _____.
cross-sequential research
The theorist who proposed the idea that individuals continue to develop into adulthood was _____.
Schaie’s cross-sequential research on intellectual development demonstrated that _____.
individuals improve in most mental abilities during adulthood
A college student who does well on multiple-choice and essay exams likely is high in _____.
analytic intelligence
According to Sternberg, intelligence used in everyday problem solving is considered to be _____.
practical intelligence
Fluid intelligence includes _____.
the speed of processing mathematical information
Adults choose their _____ by selecting neighborhoods, mates, hobbies, and careers at least in part based on their personality traits.
ecological niche
Which is the BEST example of an adult using selective optimization with compensation?
Bettie, who uses sticky note reminders in her home, office, and car
Cynthia has just experienced a hassle, which could influence her cognitive functioning. She has MOST likely just experienced _____.
a traffic jam

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