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Department of Defense

1) The United States Government is striving to have an open, but secure border. What would be the consequences/impact to the United States if the border was suddenly made less open and more secure? Rallies throughout the country in protest against a new house bill that would criminalize those that help illegal immigrants advance in any way, have created a new hype about opinions on immigration. In a May 3 Voice of America article, “Immigration Issues Create Sharp Political Divide in US,” one protestor in Orlando declared his testimony.

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“We are not criminals, we are mostly people who come to work and come to stay here.

We work.. ” Many have argued the idea that without these workers made medial, yet important jobs would be vacant. The impact of “sending back” nearly 11 million people to their home country will be just as impactful on the American economy and way of life. Within the article, one retired U. S. Army Colonel Al Rodriguez spoke out. He heads a group of Hispanic Americans that opposes illegal immigration. “We understand the important contribution immigrants have made to the economy and the industry of this great nation,” said Rodriguez, “but the difference is that we and millions of others like us did it legally.

We are all here today to tell those illegal protesters, ‘you do not speak for me. ’” Honestly, if the borders were made less open, the United States would have to recover from a mass amount of job vacancies. While many feel there are plenty of unemployed legal citizens who could take these jobs, the reality is that most would not do these jobs for the pay that would be provided for them. 2) Should the `need to know` be replaced by the `need to share` as stated in the 9/11 Commission Report? Why or why not? Fully explain your position.

Ultimately, the biggest issue with this topic considers the administration’s idea of security. They believe that by not saying anything protects the whole, in a more secure fashion, when in turn, this just creates more fear and less education. The need to know is very important especially considering homeland security. However, after 9/11, it was reported that the ‘need to share’ was far more important. As stated in the Commission Report, “The U. S. government has access to a vast amount of information. But it has a weak system for processing and using what it has.

The system of “need to know” should be replaced by a system of “need to share. ” But why? The largest argument includes the idea that the President has a large following of those who believe in his protection idea. I believe that the American people will trust in their leader a great deal more if they are allowed to be educated on issues that concern them and their country. In specific, many people I know, have stated that their distrust lies within the concept of not being trusted as a citizen to know things going on around them. The road is a two way street.

This has created a great divide between administration and citizens, which has led to the lowest approval rating of a President in history. 3) What is the role of the Department of Defense in border and coastal security? What is the DOD relationship with the Department of Homeland Security? How does DoD support civil authorities? On the Department of Defense’s official website, they describe themselves as ‘America’s oldest, largest, busiest and most successful company. Their ultimate job is to protect the security of the nation in anyway they can. Their role includes great efforts in protecting the nation’s border.

After 9/11, their jobs have seemed to be more heightened with a larger effort against terrorism and terrorism practices within the country. The near 5. 3 million employed government department works within nearly 146 countries to ensure the safety of the U. S. and these countries. They use spy efforts to search for those that could threaten our security. Ultimately, they are Uncle Sam’s protectors whom attempt to create a “norm” of American living. The Department of Homeland Security work directly with the DoD to organize efforts to catch those that may be scheming up terrorist attack within the country.