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Demographics and Social Stratification

AUTUMN (REPEAT) EXAMINATION, 2010/2011 Exam Code(s): Exam(s): Mode Code(s): Module(s) Paper No. : Repeat Paper: 2BC1, 2BC2, 2BC3, 2BC4, 2BC5, 2BCA1, 3CL1, 4CL2, 4BI1, 4BI2, 1DB1, 1OA1, 1EM1, 1PIB1. Second Year B.

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Comm. Degree. MK 206 & MK 203 & MK 289 CONSUMER / BUYER BEHAVIOUR 1. ____ Special Paper: ____ External Examiner(s): Internal Examiner(s): Professor Peter Naude Dr. Declan Fleming Ms. Ann Walsh Ms.

Orla Higgins Please answer three questions. All questions carry equal marks. Two hours. Release to Library: Yes ? Instructions: Duration: No. of Answer Books: Requirements: Handout Other Material No. of Pages: Discipline(s): Two including cover page. Marketing CONSUMER / BUYER BEHAVIOUR [MK 206 & MK 203 & MK 289] PLEASE ANSWER THREE OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. What is meant by perception? (20 marks)

Give a detailed description of the factors a marketer must take into account when devising a campaign to get the attention of consumers. (80 marks) 2. Discuss the nature of situational influence on consumer buying behaviour. (100 marks) Explain any two of the following concepts and discuss their relevance from a Consumer Behaviour perspective: • • • • Elaboration Likelihood Model Fishbein Model Self Concept The Five Step Consumer Behaviour Decision-Making Model (100 marks) . 4. What is meant by Cognitive Learning? (20 marks) Describe two main Cognitive Learning Theories, giving examples of how these theories can be applied in marketing. (80 marks) 5. Describe the household decision-making process for children’s products. In your answer outline determinants of family purchase roles (role specialisation, involvement, characteristics) and describe how conflicts are resolved. (100 marks)

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