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Democratic Change and the Change to Democracy:

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Democratic change and the change to democracy: cycle chapter 2, I learned that change drives the world, leaders drive change and change requires partners. Together we can develop vital change and conflict management skills and processes, we can facilitate the resolution of disputes, and empower ordinary people to participate In decision making at the local and national level. A more stringent definition of democracy demands more than Just fair elections.

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It defines a liberal democracy or also known as a full democracy In a littoral system In which most of the governments officials are elected.

The free speech and free press help ensure that democratic governments are accountable to their citizens In a way that authoritarian regimes are not. However, full liberal democracy requires free contested elections, respect for call liberties, and support for pluralism in society. Some scholars argue that any definition of democracy is incomplete ( Handel 2009 pig 30 Developing countries have played a notable role in our history. The third wave darted in the late ass’s and started winding down by the twenty first century.

Third wave transitions were most dramatic in the former Soviet union and eastern European allies. This brought the cold war to an end. Many East Asian dictatorship mostly South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore enjoyed spectacular economic success from the uses through the late sass’s.

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