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Definition of Terms

Definition of Terms Academic Performance- it is how the students cooperate/ perform in the school. – It measures students learning (grades etc. ) – Determines how the students are doing in their studies and classes.

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Aggressiveness – effect of too much use of computer that may blur a child ability to distinguish real life from simulation. Computer- necessary for the development of the digital proficiency required of today’s citizen. – It serves as the sources of information and a system that support teaching. – Plays an important role in recreation or entertainment.

Computer Skills- being knowledgeable about the computer and its application. – Ability to manipulate computers. Conceptual knowledge- includes the inner workings of a computer or general computer terminology. Internet- provides plenty of information that serves as a tool for a better performance in school. Depression- a mental state in which students are sad and feel that he/she cannot enjoy anything because of the unpleasant or difficult situation. Grades – one of the factors that determine the level and quality of students’ academic performance.

Operational knowledge- refers to the necessary skills a user may acquires by means of training and practice in order to be able to operate specific systems to complete specific tasks. Punishment – used in eliminating or reducing incorrect actions followed by clarifying desired actions. Self-Efficacy – related to the self evaluation of the abilities for doing some specific tasks. Stimuli – a thing that may motivate the students to become computer literate and study more in school. Violent behavior – effect of too much exposure to computer wherein the students play games instead of studying.