David Conley – 4 Keys to College and Career Readiness

Key Cognitive Strategies
Problem formuation, research, interpretation, communication, precision & accuracy
Key Content Knowledge
Structure of knowledge and big ideas in core subject areas, technical knowledge and skills associated with career aspirations, Challenge Level, value, attribution, effort
Key Transition knowledge and skills
Postsecondary Awareness, postsecondary costs, matriculation, career awareness, role and identity, self advocacy
Key Learning Skills and Techniques
Ownership of Learning, Learning Techniques
post secondary success =
match between knowledge and skills and aspirations – success of secondary training and readiness must be measured by postsecondary success
College AND Career Readiness, diff?
considerable overlap between skills and knowledge associated with college and career training success, so not useful to separate these two groups. Also similar attitudinal characteristics necessary for success in both. Diff is certificate more focused knowledge and skill. Need – all high school students need core foundational knowledge and skill AND need room to develop their passions and interests in particular career pathways
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