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Data Management and Assessment Question

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The major objective of enterprise resource planning systems is to allow each of the functional area information systems to operate independently. False The benefits of enterprise resource planning systems include Increasing an organization's ability to react quickly to changing business condition. Providing decision support on performance across functional areas. Integrating the organization's functions into cross-functional processes. All of these are benefits. Enterprise application integration (EAI) systems use middleware to integrate existing functional area information systems.

Routine reports Are produced at scheduled intervals. (l Think) organizations use Reps and MIS majors will not be working in any of the other functional areas. Functional area information systems enable information to flow seamlessly across the The three major types of reports generated by functional area information systems and enterprise resource planning system are: Routine reports, ad-hoc reports, and exception reports. Online transaction processing (ALTO) systems process transactions as soon as they occur. Motion-capture/optical tracking systems are useful for recording and evaluating the reference of professional athletes.

Which of the following is true? The actual processing of a Transaction has to be standard Which of the following is false? Information systems are only used by large organizations. Information systems within an organization support internal and external processes Organizational transactions are typically volume, and therefore to computerize. High, repetitive, easy The most fundamental information systems in an organization are.

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Data Management and Assessment Question

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