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Data During Flight

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 What is LiDAR?

Light Detection and Ranging. The dictionary title:  a measuring system that detects and  locates objects on the same principle as radar but uses light  from a laser. A method for quickly and accurately collecting ground  information from an aerial platform using a laser and ground  control. In the technical definition of the word, LiDAR is a survey but it  cannot be used for a legal boundary survey. How is LiDAR Data Collected?

What Data is Collected During a Flight? “Everything ”

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  • Foliage
  • Bare Earth
  • Transmission Lines and Towers
  • Railway Beds
  • Roadways
  • Vehicles
  • Buildings etc.
  • Optional
  • Photography
  • Weather Conditions

What Were the Deliverables to VELCO?

  • DTM – Digital Terrain Model
  • Orthorectified Imagery
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Contours
  • Streams
  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Utility Lines and Poles
  • Edge of Trees
  • PLS?

CADD Terrain Model PLS? CADD (Power Line Systems ? Computer Aided Design and Drafting): overhead power line design software.

What Has VELCO Created With the Data?

  • New Transmission Line Designs
  • Permitting Drawings
  • EPSC (Erosion Prevention and Soil Containment)
  • Plans
  • Aesthetic Mitigation Plans
  • Tree Planting  etc.

Issues Encountered With the Data?

  • Mobilization
  • Ground Control
  • Foliage
  • Units Conversion

LiDAR Data Collected in October 2006 Cost for LiDAR?

  • Aerial Laser Ground Profile – DTM:  $743. 75 /mile
  • Digital Imagery and Orthophotography – $743. 75 /mile
  • AutoCAD Mapping – $637. 50 /mile
  • PLS? CADD Format Files – $185. 00 /mile
  • Cost Per Mile:  $2,310. 00
  • Miles Surveyed:  52. 5
  • Total Project Cost:  $121,275. 00

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