Dance History Exam2

how ballet got started in Russia.
Peter & Catherine the Great, Czars owned the companies,
the relationship of the dance companies to the government.
What are the two major ballet companies in Russia?
Imperial Ballet School & The Ballet Russe
Know about the early choreographers in Russia.
Marius Petipa – Father of Classical ballet, Lev Ivanov – spotting, Michel Fokine – Expressivness in every movement
Know lots about Marius Petipa, his innovations, his style of working.
Father of classical ballet
1847- st petersburg “premeur danseur
1869- Director of St. Petersburg Ballet
Success: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote
Know the dance styles that influenced Russian Classical Ballet.
Detailed Research :Entre, Adagio, Solos, Coda
Crisp and Sharp
Amalgamation of french, danish, and italian
Know about Petipa’s assistant.
Lev Ivanov
Focusing on one spot to avoid dizziness
The early ballet revolutionaries.
Michael Fakine Leonid Massine George Balanchine
Vaslav Nijinski Branislava Nijinska
Story line of “Don Quixote”.
Who was Sergei Diagilev?
Organizer,Artistic taste, Collaboration, Russian Nobility, Editor of Art magazine Impresario
Who were the choreographers of the Ballet Russe?
Michel Fokine
Vaslav Nijinski
Leonid Massine
Branislava Nijinska
George Balanchine
Why was Anna Pavolva so popular?
She was the first ballerina to tour ballet around the world and created the point ballet shoe.
Know about dance in early American history.
Know the beginnings of classical dancing in America.
Who was Lincoln Kirstein? Why is he important?
Established the New York City Ballet Company and served as its as general director.
Know lots about George Balanchine, his early attempts with ballet in the US, his work on Broadway, his style of ballets, his eventual successes.
Imperial Ballet School, Experimental choreography, soviet state dancers, 10 Ballets in 4 1/2 yrs, 1933 came to America, choreographed on “union time”, Distorts technique 300+ Ballets
How did the American Ballet Theatre get started?
San Francisco Ballet, after Russian Revolution
Why was “Oklahoma” so important?
The use of professional dancers 1st to use dance and music in a musical
How do Contemporary Ballets differ from Classical Ballets?
Contemporary – Lacks story line or plot , freedom of movement, no pantomime or gesturing.
What is Modern Dance?
A Revolution against ballet ” Rigid structure of Ballet”
Know about Isadora Duncan, her dancing style.
Limited to variations on basic actions – 1st to present “Modern Dance” , Simple Steps, Free Body Movements
Know about Ruth St. Denis, her dancing styles.
exotic influences’ like snaking arm movements and mobile hips with popular dance steps and gymnastics
Who or what is Denishawn?
School “Dance Company” – Quality training for American Dancers
Why did dancers leave Denishawn?
To create their own Dance school
Who was Mary Wigman?
German Dancer (expressionist dance, dancing without pointe shoes)
Know the early Modern Dancers, Martha Graham & Doris Humphry, and what made them unique.
Graham – Strict family who didn’t allow her to dance until dad passed away. Humphrey – one of the partners in the Denishawn company eventually broke off and made own company.
What was the role of men in Modern Dance in the early days?
to create an image of a masculine and sportive dancer.
How does Post Modern Dance differ from Modern Dance?
Modern – “Rigid structure of Ballet” Post Modern – More free and open not as rigid, open to new ideas.
Know about the Post Modern choreographers (Paul Taylor, Merce Cunningham, Alwin Nikolais), and what made them unique?
Taylor – (choreographic chameleon) Variety of styles. Cunningham – (elements of chance) dances with new songs at time of concert. Nikolais – (Did everything) Polygimist
Why did Alvin Ailey start his own dance company?
To make a company that was diverse not just all whites or blacks, but a mixture
What was “Revelations” about?
s the signature choreographic work of Alvin Ailey
Know about the beginnings of England’s Royal Ballet.
What are World Concert/Ritual Dance forms?
Folk Dance – Portray something important to a culture – Tradition Based

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