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Dali Art

Fruit Dish on a Beach This painting is hanging above my bed, I see it on a daily basis and always can think of something new when I look at it. This is Salvador Dalais abstract art in which he does best. Dali is a well-known Spaniard surrealist.

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The name of the painting is The Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach. The artwork is so odd causing the explanation to be hard. Illusionist’s Surrealism is one form of art that is portrayed very well in dalais artwork.

The Big picture looking at it from afar you will see a dog, a table, wine glass, or the human face. If you look at the fine detail you will find lots of interesting and abstract additions to this art. The upper center part in the background you will see two hilltops one of them covered in grass and the other rocky landscape. The right hand corner there is another grassy hill terrain right above the dogs head. Appears to be clear skies on the left with a stormy approach from the right. Like the water coming to feed the dry spot on the sandy and desert like terrain.

I really think it is interesting as you look at the eye of the dog it acts as a peephole and you can see the scenic background through it. Underneath the dogs snout you will see a desert like environment with several trees and it includes a black and white horse playing. There is a hidden face as well, which I find very out of place or abstract. It looks like pears on the edge of the dogs body with the horizon landscape behind. The rear hip of the dog looks almost like a clipping from “A starry night” almost. It is like a sunset or sunrise scene with what looks to be like waves.

If go right to towards the center it looks like a scene from hell with fire, bones, skeletons, vase, a broken vase and woven basket. The vase is the left eye in the face with the right eye being a dead baby or could be sleeping. He has arranged things in this painting so uniquely. The center of the painting where it appears to be shaped like a wine glass almost creates a tunnel or funnel for the bodies on the right side falling down into darkness. The dog collar seems as a bridge over the river coming down into the goblet with pears into. It almost is like eggs going over to this dungeon type room.

It has a man standing there without a face drying him off as if he Just finished showering. On the other side of the wall where the man is standing there sitting looks as if he was writing. He is wearing a Arabic type covering over his head. Something you would see someone wearing in a desert. In the dungeon type room in the paintings two guys as skeletons which one looks like a pirate. There is a child who is reaching for something or maybe the loss of the one who looks to be a skeleton. Below that you will see what seems like a blotched over a straight line or end of the table.

There is a broken rope hanging over the edge with a cloth as well Just sitting there as well as couple egg shaped objects scattered through out the table. There is a small goblet with pears, maybe where he came up with the fruit dish on the beach part of the name. This is the best-detailed description I can give. This painting always makes me think and wonder what is his overall theory what brought every part of it together. I think that he choose this though to represent the two sides of a sunny day or a stormy one. The eve of life and death with his beloved dog as well.

I am convinced that this twisted painting can be interpreted into the dream life that he had imagined for America. It has each odd piece of the artwork as multiple purposes or visions. For example the odd vase in the middle of the picture ends up being the eye of the face, which is evolved from the other parts. The meaning would be far few and between. Artist’s thoughts may never be revealed but in my opinion I have come to the conclusion that he was so confused as to what the American dream was or what it might entail. He obviously loves dogs.

Enjoys the beach with the waves. Pears are most likely one of his favorite fruits. He shows the beauty of the women’s smile. This picture also shows the afterlife or imaging death at the end of the dream. I was lead to believe that by all the bones and dark parts of the picture. It has a gloomy and dark side to it. With the table edge and rope hanging off brings a depressing side to it. Overall I love this artwork and I don’t really see the dark side of it as a strong influence. I almost see past it because of the white space it really overtakes the dark I think.

This painting is something that I wouldn’t imagine someone today coming up with anything like it. Inspired by Dali or not this is one very unique piece of work. The formal elements as I understand the space is one of the best used. The open white space with the tablecloth and the face is very well distinguishable appearing lust as blank space. The composition is really out of whack until you more understand or observe all of the parts involved. The color is very pastel and light. Lines or defined with the horizon and the table edge. I really enjoy all the artwork Dali has put together.