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ACKNOWLEDGMENT : Firstly I thank Almighty ALLAH for endowing me with heatlh patience . I wish to thanks my parents for their contribution and support towards the I am also Thankfull to Sir Hassan Haroon . with out your help and guidence towards course the report would not be completed . I also show my gratitude to my friends and all who contributed in completing the report Assignment : INTRODUCTION : First people who made chocolate were theMayas and the Aztecs Chocolate played an important role in their social and religious life. Cadbury’s founder is jhon cadburry . adburry started its operation in 1905 ad in birmingham UK . CBM Operates in more then 60 countries and become world largest confectionary company. Its is a largest sealing Choclate in the world as well as in Pakistan also Started operation in india in 1948 Vision: "Working together to create brands people love" Cadburys mission statement Says simply, ? Cadbury means quality? ; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality;our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise Mission Statement 0f the product: The mission statement of our new product is ?

To provide our customers with a tempting andexquisite taste? as Enticing Treats means a mouth watering treat which is simply irresistible CONSUMERS VIEW: Customers get sentimental and emotionally attached. We can see that it had really affected the minds and psychology of consumers E. g. -when the company advertised its brand by tag lines “Aaj Pehli Tarik Hai”, ” Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye " and “Pappu Paas Ho Gaya”. However, the consumers had stopped purchasing the bars for sometime after the worm controversy. Values : -Bring happiness to their costomers -Share happiness Contains more milk then any other chocolate bar -made from the real dark chocolate -AVAILABLE IN 10. 5g, 22g, 95g, 165g & OTHER PREMIUM PACKS SEGMENTING: The purpose of segmentation is to identify and target prime customer groups. Division of consumer market on the basis of: Geographic and Demographic Segmentation. TARGETING: The targeted customers of Dairy Milk have been changing from time to time and advertisement to advertisement. POSITIONING: CDM has positioned itself as synonym for the word chocolate. Chocolates were earlier perceived as a product meant for consumption by children.

Since the 1990’s, Cadbury has been endeavouring to position itself as a chocolate for the ‘child within each of us’. Marketing Mix : PRODUCT MIX: Chocolates, Snacks, Beverages, Candies, Gums. PRODUCT LINE: Cadbury Dairy Milk; Cadbury Dairy Milk Wowie Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle Cadbury Dairy Milk Roasted Almond Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut Cadbury Dairy Milk Shots Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. Price : Place : Place is a term that has a variety of meanings in a dictionary sense, but which is principally used in a geographic sense as a noun to denote location, though in asense of a location identified with that which is located there.

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In marketing, place refers to one of the 4 P's, defined as "the market place". It canmean a geographic location, an industry, a group of people (a segment) to whom acompany wants to sell its products or services, such as young professional women(e. g. for selling cosmetics) or middle-aged family men (e. g. for selling family cars). Cadbury - Place Cadbury is a multinational company and it has its market around the entire world. This can be said just by the first page on its site which asks people to select the place of their choice. Providing 60+ Country Their chocolate Distribution :

It is mosly provide to their costomers by Retalers and wholsalers PROMOTION : They concentrate more on tv advertisement their advertisement are always marvelous in advertising they are basically telling to their target market that on what occasion their target marget can or Sould buy Dairy milk Their promotions are also very emotional because they attracts emotionally their products if we talk about the comercials like on pass in exam they advertise “Pappo pas hogya” Targeting the teenagers which passes in exam and celebrate it with Dairy milk by sharing it with friends and family members ..

Swot Analysis Strength • Cadbury Schweppes plc is a very profitable organization, generated revenue of more than ? 6,508 billion (2005). • It is a global chocolate brand built upon a reputation for fine products and services. • Cadbury Schweppes plc was one of the Fortune Top 100 Companies to Work For in 2005. The company is a respected employer that values its workforce. • The organization has strong ethical values and an ethical mission statement Weaknesses • Cadbury has a reputation for new product development and creativity.

However, they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their innovation may falter over time. • The organization has a strong presence in the United States of America, UK and India. It is often argued that they need to look for a portfolio of countries, in order to spread business risk. • Cadbury's recall over 1 million chocolate bars over salmonella fears • The organization is dependant on a main competitive advantage, the retail of coffee. This could make them slow to diversify into other sectors should the need arise. The company has no apprehensions of cannibalization of its chocolate brands. Opportunities • Cadbury company is very good at taking advantage of opportunities. • The company has the opportunity to expand its global operations. New markets with new products which are limited in particular region. • Cadbury has decided to focus on a few of its key brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournvita, Eclairs and Halls to drive growth for the company. • Co-branding with other manufacturers of food and drink, and brand franchising to manufacturers of other goods and services both have potential

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