CWV Topic 6 Study Guide

The 10 Commandments
Can be viewed with any type of divisions
God revealed why Job had suffering
Blessed are the perscueted
Beatitude that is expanded upon
John 11
Passage of Jesus raising Lazarus
Love God, Love others
Jesus’s greatest commandment
Wide, multifaceted answers
Christian worldview on suffering
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“There is no truth, only interpretations”
A way to defend God’s goodness and power even in suffering
Direction Plato is pointing
Philippians 2:1-11
Passage that urges Christians to live a life of humble sacrificial service in light of Jesus’ incarnation, death, and ascension
General Revelation
The way God has displayed important truths about Himself through nature for all humanity to see
The first 4 commandments
All deal with God’s name
The last 6 commandments
All deal with others
Aristotle viewed truth as rooted in universal principles
The view that there is only one way to God or to pleasing God
Special Revelation
The view that God has made known specific truths about Himself and His plan of redemption to specific people so that they could share His truth
Moral and Spiritual truths
Kinds of absolute truths that require the existence of God
Religious Pluralism
A view that holds that all religions hold a piece of the puzzle