CWV Topic 3 Study Guide

Isaish 59:1-2
When you are sepetrated from God he cannot hear. God can and desires to save, but sin causes seperation
Judges 21:25
The people of Israel continued to go in a circle
Prophecy in Genesis 3:15
God gives hope to the world that he is always in control
History of humanity is characterized by a departure from what?
Story of Moses
Prayer in Nehemiah 9
God continued to provide for them ever though they were worshiping idols
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The Fall affects the world
Pain in childbirth, hard groundwork, etc.
Metaphor to describe idolatry
Primary message of the Old Testament
Show God is faithful with his promises
Israel’s first 3 kings
Saul, David, Solomon
Nation Judah fell to
Fear of the Lord
Theme of wisdom literature
Human nature
The problem with the world
God is the center of our lives
Why God wants us “to believe, trust, and obey him…”