csit mid term

example of a digital media
blue ray movies
a search engine attempts to catalog every webpage by topic through the use of a
using the web as a primary user interface to access such applications like google docs is an example of
cloud computing
one way newspapers are staying profitable in the online delivery model is to
charge readers for access to stories
a _____ network is used when a user wants to make his or her computer and other’s computers available for access
peer to peer
it is much easier for users to remember ___ than IP addresses of websites
domain names
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online newspapers can be delivered through _____ to news readers
RSS – Rich Site Summary
in a ___ relationship multiple users are provided with access to a server at the same time
bluetooth is an example of technology used with a ____ area network
in an effort to fight illegal downloading of videos and movies, many ____ are working against networks such as BitTorrent
ISP – Internet Service Providers
thanks to _____, voice and date traveling together through our telecommunications lines will be seamless
VoIP – Voice Over IP
government agencies have not supported cloud computing due to the lack of
data security
the ___ has been succesful in promoting legislations that protects its own content
RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America
Through ____, non traditional students can complete their coursework from the comofrot of their own home
distant learning
personal music videos that combine user-generated photos with audio music are good examples of
digital convergence
what is a concern about keeping important documents on cloud base technology
using ____ technologies, scientist are able to share virtual environments for research within a variety of locations
one reason online content cannot always be trusted is the lack of ___ on the web
quality control
a type of connection that provides internet service through phone lines that services of the internet and your phone lines
____ technology may someday replace today’s bar code for identifying items in inventory
RFID Radio Frequency IDentification
a web ___ can also be referred to as a customized web home page
the most popular search engines are ____ to store information about webpages
computer ____ capture(s) the essence of today’s business expectations for knowledge workers within their organizations
Services using DRM technology usually include all of the following restrictions EXCEPT ____
the length of the songs supported
Which of the following is true of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?
It outlaws the distribution of software meant to crack DRM code.
One opponent of the DMCA is the ____
The DMCA was drafted and passed by the ____
United States
A computer that manages data and produces information often uses a _____ to organize and deliver it.
Which of the following organizations has been instrumental in fighting piracy through the use of lawsuits and legislation?
1. to protect intellectual property rights and the First Amendment rights of artists;
2. to perform research about the music industry;
3. to monitor and review relevant laws, regulations and policies.
DRM technologies try to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted works (such as software and multimedia content), as well as systems within devices that enforce these policies
It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works.
____ communication allows participants to leave messages for each other
As the amount of Internet ____ continue(s) to increase, streaming video and television are becoming commonplace.
The ____ oversees the setup, maintenance, and implementation of a network in a business environment.
system administrator
Many cities have adopted ____ technology to provide faster Internet speed to their users.
A type of connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Internet and your phone is ____
The Internet uses hardware, software, and ____ that allow(s) different types of networks to communicate.