CSI topic science

Forensic Science
Collecting evidence from a crime scene to convict a criminal in a court of law.
Contact Trace
Any exchange of materials between the victim, suspect and crime scene. e.g blood splatter, footprints, fingerprints
Outside part of a hair
Middle section of a hair
Central section of a hair.
.Natural fibre
Natural/made by a plant (eg cotton) or animal (eg wool)
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Synthetic fibre
Man-made eg nylon, polyester
technique used to separate mixtures, often dyes in inks
Result of a chromatography test, a piece of filter paper with coloured dots spread out on it.
Deodorize nucleic acid
DNA fingerprinting
The process where DNA is extracted from cells and separated, before it can be compared.
DNA profile
The pattern of bands formed from gel electrophoresis, these can be compared to identify DNA samples.