CSET Social Science (Subtest #2 US HISTORY) Practice Questions

They were believed to be connected to the earth deity
Among the Iroquois tribes, women possessed a position of ascendancy because…
They wanted to access the Asian commercial market
Why were Europeans interested in finding a passage to India?
Immigration of indentured workers
The early growth in the population of the Virginia colony was due to which of the following?
It allowed religious plurality and diversity
The Great Awakening was among the intellectual trends behind the American Revolution because…
To clarify the meaning of the articles of the Constitution
To argue for more power to be given to the Federal government
To oppose the drawing of a separate Bill of Rights
What was the motivation for the writing of the Federalist Papers?
Southern tobacco farmers
In 1796, the Democratic-Republicans represented which segment of the colonial population?
They declared the Act illegal
How did Virginia and Kentucky respond to the Sedition Act?
Jeffersonian expansionism
Which of the following was the primary motivation for the Western expansion of the U.S.?
The cost of shipping agricultural goods was lowered
In what way did the railroad most help the American economy in the 19th century?
The right of the federal government to interfere with state laws
What was the legal debate that prompted the secession of the states from the Union prior to the Civil War?
Battle of Fort Sumter
What was the decisive battle that started the Civil War?
Prohibited the public expression of legal concern
Prohibited testifying against whites
Restricted voting rights
In what way did the Black Codes limit African-American equality?
Ratifying the 14th Amendment
What were the conditions under which the Confederate States were admitted back into the Union?
New manufacturing industries
What was the major market for the products of the mining boom of the late 19th century?
The miner’s demands were met by the owners with the help of the president
What was the outcome of the Miner’s Strike of 1902?
Trust busting
Which of the following was a reform on the excesses of the Gilded Age?
The independence of Cuba
The Spanish-American war occurred over what issue?
Germany’s unrestricted submarine warfare
What conflict prompted the US entry into the theatre of the First World War?
Industries serving the urban household started to rise
How were urbanization and industrialization developed in the post WWI American economy?
The popularization of the radio
What was the most revolutionary medium changing the face of early 20th century American society?
Overproduction & availability of credit encouraged reckless spending
How did the lifestyle of the 1920s lead to the Great Depression?
The Bonus Marchers were broken up by the army
How was the Bonus March resolved?
Lack of government regulations for banks and bank failures
Other than the crash of the Market, which one of the following best describes the elements which contributed to the deepening of the Great Depression?
It created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
What was the achievement of the Glass-Steagall Banking Reform Act?
Culmination of Italian nationalism and jingoism
What was the socio-political reason for the rise of Fascism in Italy after WWI?
United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, one of the Axis powers
Why did the United States enter WWII on behalf of the Allies?
Formation of segregated military units to serve in the armed forces
In which way was the Nazi treatment of Jews not similar to the American treatment of Japanese-Americans during WWII?
Munitions factories employed more laborers and helped solve the unemployment problem
How did WWII help the American economy?
The US government aided Europe through the Marshall Plan and became a major creditor
In what way was the US economic role increased in the world after WWII?
It ended the long standing American policy of isolationism
What was the symbolic importance of the creation of NATO on US foreign policy?
The Armed Forces were desegregated
How were African-Americans affected by policies under President Truman?
It increased the pressure for innovation and invention on both sides
In what ways did the Cold War impact the scientific achievements of the two competing zones?
Belief in the Domino Theory
What triggered U.S. intervention in Vietnam?
The 15th Amendment
The Voting Rights Act
The 24th Amendment
Which of the following laws encouraged African-American participation in government?
Latin Americans
Which demographic was most impacted by the changes in the Immigration Act of 1965?
The western region including…
California, Nevada, Utah, & Arizona
What region of the US was acquired by the United States as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo?
The abundance of natural harbors and fast moving rivers in the Northeast lent itself to the ease of creating canals and ports for trade, while the longer warm climate in the South lent itself to commercial agriculture.
Why are trade and shipping historically more dominant industries in the Northeast than they are in the South?