Crossword Puzzle Chp 6

Poll Tax
A tax that states required in order to vote. This is now illegal.
At first, only males who owned this were allowed to vote.
Greek term for Athenian citizens who did not vote or participate in public life.
A 45 year old college educated hispanic female who makes $60,000 per year would most likely vote for a ________?
Voting Rights Act
This civil right was signed into law in 1965 and guaranteed racially equality when voting.
This war was the main reason why the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18.
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Straight ticket voting
The practice of voting for candidates of only one party (all Republican or all Democrats)
When election officials remove the names of people who are not longer eligible to vote.
Term for someone who is eligible to vote but chooses not to.
The procedure of voter identification. This is a list of qualified voters who are eligible to participate in an election.
Ratified in 1920, this amendment granted women the right to vote.
This amendment made it illegal to deny citizens the right to vote based on their race or skin color.
Term for the potential voting population. Today, over 230 million people are eligible to vote in the U.S.
Can not voter
A person who does not vote for a number of valid reasons: mentally, physically unable , out of the country, religious beliefs,…
Twenty sixth
This amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18.
Twenty Fourth
This amendment was ratified in 1964 and outlawed poll taxes as a requirement to vote.
This was the first state in the U.S. to give women the vote in 1869.
This gender tends to vote for Democratic candidates.
States used to test people on their ability to read or write in order to vote.
As a result of the Supreme Court case Dunn v.s. Blumstein, 1972, the court ruled that this is the minimum number of days someone needs to live in their state before they can vote.
Term for the right to vote.
The term used to describe people who have not party affiliation.
Twenty Third
This amendment allowed votes in Washington, D.C. to participate in elections.
Nonvoters who believe that their vote will not impact the government lact political ________?
The area of the country where most nonvoters live.
The practice of drawing electoral district lines in order to limit the voting strength of a particular group.
Thirty Five
In general, nonvoters are likely to be under the age of _________?