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Crisis Intervention

Crisis and Intervention An environmental crisis situation occurred on New Year’s A tornado touched down in the area serve in Missouri. I was one of the first on the scene after the first responders Many of the victims had been evacuated and were not being allowed back into the are The few people that did service were In such shock that lust a cup of coffee and help In communicating with their loved ones was all they wanted at the moment. Ell towers, phone lines, power lines, etc were down In the area, so communication was difficult.

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On a dally basis however I encounter developmental crawls situations; these tuitions are developmental In nature because many have been raised In homes where financial crawls Is a dally event. Many of the clients I serve have been repeat clients for many years. Often times their parent’s or grandparent’s were also habitual clients.

They often times are seeking food assistance as well as assistance In paying utility bills and rental cost. These situations are all crisis because tot the effect they have on the individual. Whether the crisis is situational, environmental or developmental the basis emotion is the same tort the person in the midst tot the crisis. A crisis is a negative event that is often times unexpected to the individual. Even in the case of the person in need of utility assistance. Ear on a daily basis, “l thought rd get the money to pay my bill, I never thought I’d be disconnected.