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Creative Innovative Management Assign

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Identify the main stakeholders for the two sustainable ideas generated in Assignment #2 and describe characteristics of stakeholders. How these stakeholders can be influenced to support the creative and innovative ideas from Assignment #2. This provides evidence for grading criterion 3. 1 Task 2: Create a plan for communication with the stakeholders about the two sustainable ideas generated. The plan must have ways to getting feedback from the stakeholders. Describe various possible feedbacks from stakeholders regarding the ideas generated. This provides evidence for grading criterion 3.

Task 3: Set goals and priorities for implementation of the ideas generated. This should be based on the feedbacks or possible feedbacks from stakeholders. 1 . Be able to influence others to effect change in an organization produce an appropriate rationale to persuade stakeholders of an organization of the benefits of a creative and innovative management idea communicate a creative and innovative management idea to stakeholders of an organization establish key goals and priorities for implementation of a creative and innovative management idea using feedback from stakeholders.

The work submitted must be your own. You must acknowledge the sources of your information using the Harvard referencing style. 2. This assignment is to be done on an INDIVIDUAL basis. (They are not GROUP assignments). 3. The assignment must be typed, and well presented, it must be written in report format/style. You may, however, incorporate graphs, tables, diagrams and figures into the body of the report if you wish. (If lengthy, materials of this kind may be attached as appendices). 4. You must include a bibliography as per Harvard style.

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Creative Innovative Management Assign

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