Crash Course US History #8

First election
Articles of confederation
Lasted 10 years
1 house body with each state having 1 vote needing 9/13 votes
Congress could declare war, conduct foreign affairs, and make treaties
Yes coin money, no taxes
Amending = unanimous
Weak government
Needed taxes to pay off debt
Indians surrender land north of this
Northwest ordinance 1787
Create 5 new states along Ohio and Mississippi
Acknowledged Indian claim to land
Outlawed slavery in all states
Shays rebellion
Farmers kill courts to stop farms from foreclosing after needing to pay taxes for war debts
Too much Liberty in lower classes can threaten Liberty
Anapolis meeting to begin changing AOC
1787 comfortingly convention
Wrote constitution
Written by 55 men
Wanted stronger national government
Alexander Hamilton
Strong government supporter
Wanted life terms for president and senate
Supported guns
Electoral college
538 votes
Can elect person who did not win majority of votes
VA plN
2 house legislature w representation on population
James madison
NJ plan
Single house = representation
Great comrpomize
House and senate
3/5 compromise
Determining population
Blacks = 3/5 of a person
Fugitive slave clause
Escaped slaves need be returned even in states where slavery is illegal
God meant authority rests in national and state governments
Marble cake
National government is limited and leaves rest of power to states
Marburg v Madison
Established judicial review
Separation of powers
Checks and balances etc
Senators were elected by
State legislature
Need 9/13 states for ratification
the federalist papers
John Jay Alexander Hamilton James Madison
Support strong national government
Anti federalists
Usually commoners
Like small government because they were poor
Don’t want only wealthy in power

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