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Cph Herbal Medicines

10 Herbal Medicine RA NO.8423- Phil Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) Mnemonic is BUBLY/SANTA B-AWANG (Hypertesion,Lowers Cholesterol, Toothache) U-LISIMANG BATO (PANCIT-PANCITAN) (Lowers uric acid, Rheumatism) B-AYABAS (Diarrhea, Wounds, Toothache) L-AGUNDI (Cough, Asthma, Fever) Y-ERBA BUENA (Muscle Pain, Athritis, Rheumatism, Cough, Headache) S- AMBONG (anti-Edema, Diuretic, Anti-Urolithiasis) A-MPLAYA (Diabetes, Mellitus) N-NIOG-NIOGAN (Paratism, Arcariasis, Anti-Helmintic) T-SANG GUBAT (Stomachache, Diarrhea) A-KAPULKO (Scabies, Anti-Fungal & Athletes Foot) Aromatic Medicinal Plants

Contains volatile oil for treatment of fever, cough, colds, itchiness and gaspain.1.

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Petals- (sampaguita, Rosal, jasmine) * Sore eyes, conjunctivitis, eye wash. 2. Leaves- (ex. Suha, Calamansi, Mangga) * Fever 3. Plant: a. Tanglad/Sale- Fever (whole plants) b. Damong Maria- Cough/Colds/Dysminorrhea (whole plant) c. Leaves of Mansanilya- Gaspain d. Camias- Fever e. Sibuyas- Ferver Astringent and bitter tasting Medicinal Plants * Tannin and pectin (decrease peristalsis) A-VOCADO LEAVES B-AYABAS LEAVES K-AIMITO LEAVES D-UHAT LEAVES S-AGING LEAVES S-ANTOL LEAVES M- ANGOSTEEN FRUIT K- ASUY (NUTS/LEAVES) T-SAANG GUBAT (MOUTH WASH)

EFFECT: ANESTHETIC AND DEPRESSANT EFFECT TREATMENT/DS: SKIN Problems 1. Akapulko Leaves 2. Kalachuchi 3. Malungay 4. Kakawati 5. Makabuhay DEPRESANTS 1. Dapdap Leaves 2. Dita 3. Makahiya ACHES/PAINS 1. Damong Marya 2. Sambong ASCABIES/ANTI-CANCER DRUG/ DEPRESSANTS 1. Chichirica 2. Mabuhay IMPOTENCE/ERECTILE DISFUNCTION/DEPRESSANT/SLEEPING 1. MAKAHIYA BRONCHODILATOR 1. TALAMTUNAY PIGSA 1. MAYANA PLANT SEEDS- most of the time, anti-helmentic 1. Patola Seeds- ABORTION/ANTI HELMENTIC 2. IPIL-IPIL 3. BETEL NUT 4. SQUASH SEED 5. LANSONES- insect-repelant GRASS FAMILY- diuretic (edema,urinary problem,ihi-ihi) . Tubo 2. Tanglad 3. Pandan Lalaki FOR ASTHMAS 1. KAGON 2. PUGO-PUGO 3. BUTO-BUTONES 4. GATAS-GATAS RENAL STONE- bato sa bato 1. CORN HAIR (BUHOK NG MAIS) Natural Family Planning (kulang yung family planning ko, please hanap nalang po kayo sa iba ng additional. Thanks) Girls 1. Spacing # of Prenancy & Ideal Timing a. Barriers b. Hormones- IUD, Condoms (male/female) cervical cup, vanginal sponge, spermicites 2. Scientific Family Planning a. Natural Method A. 1 Cervical Mucus Method A. 2 Basal Body Temperature A. 3 Lactating Amenorrhea b. Standard Days Method 3. Tubal Ligation

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