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Coral Reefs

Last week I started to work on my research about coral reefs, and I realized how important they are. Coral reefs are the most various and beautiful of all nautical habitats. However, it’s colorful plants and there are three different kinds of coral reefs. In my opinion, I think coral reefs should be preserved instead of being victim by tourists for their own benefits. They will inevitably demolish coral reefs. In this essay I will mention two things; facts about coral reefs and why the tourists are should not take of the coral reefs.

The first and most important reason is coral reefs need to be preserved because they availability nutrients and lodging for fish, worms, sponges and sea turtles few of them rely on them for their survival.

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They can’t be replaced because it’s hard to grow and it’s take thousands year to be fully. People and pollutants of costal are too dangerous for them. People destroy them by diving and mining and Pollutants of costal kills coral reefs.

If we let tourists take of coral reefs, the consequences will be extinction. The second reason, I believed that visitors should not take them of the bottom of a sea. Due to their advantages, for example, they Protect shores from the effect of waves and storms. Also, it protects small fish from big fish and starts fish are eating it, if they stop eating it, they will explode. “The starfish eats the delicate coral polyps which form the thin film of flesh on the outside of the coral skeleton.

Coral reefs represent the most biologically diverse habitat on earth and are entirely self-sufficient generating and recycling all the nutrients they need but they are under serious threat with 10 per cent already dead and another 70 per cent threatened by human activity,” By Paul Eccleston. In conclusion, the tourist should not take coral reefs because they have a lot of benefits. There is a good contraction between coral and worms, fish and sponges. We have to save our sea because we can take advantages from them such as, food and medicine.

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