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Cooks Brook Research

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On September 8th of last week five teens went out to cooks brook for a day of swimming and adventure. Only four teens returned home that night. “We told him the rocks were two close” Comments Mark McGuire, one of the teens who went out to Cooks Brook that day. They were going out for a day of adventure but that day changed into a time of sadness for the small town of Boulder, Colorado. Tyler Nash 17, died around 4:30 on the eight of September. The five teens headed out to Cooks Brook around 10:00 that morning to have a day of hiking and cliff jumping as many teens in Boulder do on their Saturdays.

They started with the lower rocks and soon they moved onto the cliffs, Tyler unlike the rest wanted to jump off the highest cliff he could. His peers advised him of the shelf of rock below. Tyler was already mid- air. “He never seemed to be afraid of anything, He was always up for adventure. He was the one who was always taking risks”. States Emily Haven a friend of Tyler. Police do not believe this was a suicide attempt either as all of the teens participating. Police do believe that alcohol use could have been a factor in the teen’s death.

They police and rescue team have still not found the body of Tyler and are now increasing the surface area of their search. The Nash Family has not yet made a statement on their son’s actions but has asked the press to withhold questions, as they need time to deal with their son’s death. The high school Tyler attended is holding a remembrance assembly, at 12:30 in the main gym. All are welcome. ----------------------- Teen dies cliff jumping at Cooks Brook. Body is not found.

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Cooks Brook Research

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