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Contextual Study Questions

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Who is the Artist? What kind of Artist are they? Where do they live and work? The artist of the image is Andy Warhol, and is most notable for his works in the Pop Art movement; he lived from 1928 to 1987 and spent the majority of his life in New York City. What is the piece of work? The piece of work in question is an illustration of a variety of beauty products in monochrome with multicultural rectangles spread around the page, all atop a black background. When was it made? Does it have a title?

The image was made in 1956, and while having no official title, was an illustration for Harpers Bazaar. What do you think might have inspired the artist? What might the piece be about? The most likely source of inspiration for this piece was from fashion in general as the piece was centered around beauty products, furthermore, as the piece was designated for Harpers Bazaar, which is a fashion magazine, which also brings up the possibility that Andy Warhol was simply told to illustrate the piece by the company.

This also ties into what the image is about as it too can most likely credited to Andy Warhol being commissioned to do an illustration for Harpers Bazaar, of which the piece is centered about. What materials and processes have been used? From the image, it appears to be made from pencil or graphite with a transparent material of sorts over the illustrations before being printed together on one layer as it was designated for a magazine. Can you describe the use of color? The use of color throughout the piece is conservative as it is only used on the multicultural transparent rectangles that are spread throughout the piece.

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Contextual Study Questions

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