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Contexts that Motivate Learning

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Motivational learning can be broken into four contexts. Those contexts are: Practical, Personal, Experiential, and Idealistic. First, the practical context of learning would be learning something because you know in advance it will benefit you. Second, the personal context of learning would be learning something because you want to do it for yourself to accomplish an important goal. Third, the experiential context of learning would be learning something because of past experiences.

Finally, the idealistic context of learning would be learning something because you want to explore ideas, theories and concepts to experience the discovery of something new. There are four main contexts that motivate people to learn and everyone has their own reasons. Personal Context of Motivation I decided to return to school for personal reasons. Returning to school is something that I have thought of doing for a very long time. I guess you could just say that I have been very lazy and procrastinated for a long time.

I tried to go to college right out of high school but it did not work out. I don’t think I was quite prepared to make that big step. I was headed down the wrong path and decided it was time to do something with my life. I knew it would help me to grow as a person. I now find myself in sort of the same situation. I’ve been a cashier for 18yr and now I work hard every day loading a Goodwill trailer to support my kids I know that without a collage education that most likely will not happen.

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Contexts that Motivate Learning

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I also want to be a positive influence to my children and show him how important education is. I want to be a good influence to my son and daughter but most of all I want to better myself as a person. Plus most of all I know in 4 to 5 yr. my fibromyalgia will not be getting any better. By that time my R. A. in my back will be getting bad, I still have 8 yrs. left to support my little girl. I know I can’t do it working on the back of the trailer but maybe be hide a desk for Goodwill I can as a human resource manager

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