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Considering the organization of the market target

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I agree with the fact that shopping is largely entertainment. Considering the organization of the market target of Urban Outfitters, this is just an understatement. For example, Senk portray women as unique consumers in the market place who not only attach a certain degree of value in the product or brand but also on the shopping experience itself. In essence, they want to enjoy both shopping activity itself as well as the goods that they purchase. These two aspects cannot be separated whatsoever.

By providing unique brands means that the shopping experience will also be unique and enjoyable. It is rational to assert the fact that everyone will therefore go for the most satisfying shopping experience in order to increase the utility margin of the product itself. In this case the shopping experience will directly be proportional to the value that is attached to the brand. High value of goods means that the best experience is guaranteed and therefore the shopping experience-which is regarded a form of entertainment and not merely just a way of acquiring goods.

In addition to this, when the consumer is provided with the right taste and fashion of products they require, they feel that their status is appreciated by the seller thus are happy to keep on doing the shopping.

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Considering the organization of the market target

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