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My name is Frederica Krebs.I am a 29-year-old free-lance journalist.I write about all things happening in Germany, and then sell them to newspapers and magazines all over the world.

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I am the only son of a World War 1 hero, and my mother who dollies me. I am divorced with one son who resides with his mother. I’m young, blonde, blue-eyed, strong, and pure German. I’m what you would consider Hitler ideal German to be. Rather than believing In the Whimper republic, I believe In democracy.

I consider he Whimper republic to be week and helpless. I do not Like what these groups of thugs who call themselves “Nazis” are trying to do. I mean they are trying to blame the war on the Jews, communists, and the liberals. Saying how Hitler will bring the Germans back to their farmer greatness. My own father agrees with the Nazis, he is already eager to rid the country of foreigners and especially Jews. But he doesn’t know that I have a Jewish girlfriend, named Anna. Also my wife is raising our son to become one of these criminals.

He is only five and already belongs to some Nazi out organization. I will do whatever it takes to make sure that these people don’t do anymore damage to our country. Second Entry February 27,1933 what they believe in but what he believes in. I on the other hand will not give in and choose not to take the oath and make a stand for what I believe in. I will try and contribute to working to defeat Hitler as much as I can. Since I am a Journalist I can write about all the bad things happening to our country.

After writing about these events I will sell them to newspapers and magazines all over the world, so they would now how much of a threat Hitler is not only to the people of Germany but also to the world. Third Entry May 10,1933 Today is the day of the book burning kids running around yelling like the burning of the books doesn’t even bother them, they don’t know how much books would help them because their young children doing what they thought was right. The Nazis and police are knocking on people’s doors and confiscating their books, I know a lot of people who don’t agree with this but don’t want to put the lives of their family in danger.

Me being a Journalist I do not agree with this one bit not having books would hang how we think so we wont have our own opinions, we would all have the same thoughts because we are only allowed to read similar books. I will have to go to this book burning later this evening and I will have a decision to make whether I want to participate in this and throw a book into the fire or try and stop them from throwing the books, so as I have returned you know I have made the decision to Join in on the burning.

A little boy came up to me and tried to put a book in my hand, as I refused a soldier walks up and stands right behind the boy staring at me and says, if you have rust in what Hitler is doing you will take the book and throw it in. I did not want to get arrested and loose the chance of spreading the word to the world about what’s happening here so I took the book and tossed it. It was a very hard thing to do but I did it for the sake of my country. Fourth Entry August 1,1936 I am here in Berlin for the Olympic games to support my country of course. I walk into the stadium.

There are so many people but not Just Germans other nationalities are here to cheer on their country. I feel as if everywhere like they were watching my every move. I also notice some American reporters were also there, maybe this is my chance to get out to the world about what was happening here. The people here would know nothing about what’s going on here because Hitler had all the the people from other countries. I hope I could have a chance of speaking with one of the U. S reporter but its not going to be easy with all the AS officers around watching.

If they see me attempting to talk to the reporters I will be arrested and punished maybe even killed. I have decided that trying to talk to the reporters would be too risky so I will not try and talk to them. Because if I get arrested I would leave my girlfriend who is Jewish alone and could possibly get taken away, and my father would find out that I was going against Hitler and he believes in what Hitler is doing. If I got caught it could also put my family in danger who knows what Hitler would do with them.

Fifth Entry September 29,1936 Today I am having a private dinner with Josef Gobbles a friend and worker of Hitler. Gobbles is also a Journalist but he is one for the Nazi party and has been since 1926. I wanted this meeting because if I could get a Job as a Journalist for the Nazi party, after I earn their trust I could easily get the word out to the world and the would never suspect it was me. At the dinner we discussed my believes to be on that Hitler is doing and what they expect of me as a Journalist.

When I looked at Gobbles I would have never thought he would be in the Nazi party because he was a total opposite of the perfect German that Hitler described. He was small, dark and crippled with a permanent limp. After I saw him I knew I could get the Job because I was the perfect German that Hitler described, and why would they turn down a reflect German. I would also be able to keep my girlfriend unharmed if I Join the Nazi party. At the end of the dinner he said he would like to offer me a Job to work with him as a Journalist, so I shook his hand and gladly accepted.

Sixth Entry November 10,1938 It’s all starting today what the newspapers called Charlatanic: the night of broken glass. I look outside and see all Jewish businesses being burned down, or severely damaged. Not only are their businesses being destroyed they are being pulled out from their homes a lot of the times dragged out and beaten. The Nazi mobs were Sioux towards them worse than eve seen before sometimes beating the Jews in the city by the hundreds. I have a choice to make, do I try and save my girlfriend and risk being caught or do I Just give her up to them and never see her again.

I can’t do that to her I need to find a place for her to hide a place they would never think to look here. The mob is almost to my house I have to think quickly or I will loose her to those monsters. I told her to go outback and under the stairs outside there’s an opening because he was the one that put in the newspaper to do this so all he would do is urn me in. As I started to calm door I hear a knock at my door but there was no shouting I open it and before my eyes was a family, a Jewish family that had escaped and asked for my help.

I had to think but think quickly cause the mob was only down the street, so I told them to go where I had told my girlfriend to o and wait till I came and got them. The mob was finally at my door they asked if I had any Jews in here I said no. The people barged in and started to raid my home they finally left after ten minutes of searching and found nothing, my home a mess but they found nothing. Seventh Entry November 1 2, 1938 I have moved away from my old home to try and get away from all the madness.

I still have work so ill Just do the work from here I live near Auschwitz Brinkmen. Life here is good for me but little did I know when I moved out here that I moved near a camp. In the beginning, I thought ghettos were for Just the poor, now I know that the Germans were forcing the Jews to live there and then moving them to concentration camps. I can go for a walk and see this camp and see the people in it but I can’t do anything to help them. I see the labor they have to do, they look all sluggish and beat, you can see the guards yelling and beating them when they stop working.

I see groups of young kids, elders, and weak go into these buildings while being escorted by troops so they couldn’t run, the guards close the door and the group would never come out. I knew what had happened to them but I never knew how it was happening. I know these types of things IM Just a writer. It is hard to watch this all happening wishing I could do something but risk being killed myself and loosing the trust of Gobbles. Eighth Entry November 4,1943 I have witnessed the massacre, now I have lost the little respect I had for the German soldiers, Hitler, and Hammier.

Hammier doesn’t care how many Jews die because of his success. Being a Journalist I had to be to there witnessing a side I had never seen before of these soldiers and leaders. I saw dead bodies on the ground lined up in rows like they were in an assembly line. But the worst was I actually seeing the killings, they had them line up and like a firing squad they shot them in the neck. Some of the people were even still alive after they were shot and they Just feet them there.

But even if you turn around to try and look away there were more trucks full of more Jews waiting to be slaughtered. The sad thing was it wasn’t Just clothes so they were killed naked. More and more trucks come and go, unloading then killing the defenseless they were weak and hungry. This is one of the worst things I had ever seen. Ninth Entry October 8,1944 “First they took the land Then they took the people Then they took me and there was no one left The demons in disguise Creating chaos in every direction What we sure can do Never let this pain happen again.

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