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Concern Regarding Evaluation Process

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This letter expresses few concerns regarding the upcoming faculty evaluation process. The letter outlines some of the problems in the current evaluation process and has expressed suggestions on revising some of the plans.

The revision of current evaluation process will increase administrative strength and professional growth of this faculty.

The current process does not evaluate teaching methods. A revised process should be proposed that include evaluation of teaching effectiveness preferably getting input from students, associates and administration. The current process only includes evaluation based on understanding and coverage of subjects and lack what students’ think about faculty member’s teaching abilities.

As the evaluation process is held annually, it is also important to track achievements that can highlight skills and academic development of faculty members.

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The current process does not track these improvements.  It is important for a faculty administration to be enlightened of academic capability of its faculty. A revised process might include updating of faculty member’s resumes or their individual contributions for the previous year.

Another concern is regarding the reward system. The current evaluation process does not lead to any award for extraordinary achievement of faculty members. Based on the evaluation, rating system should be introduced and faculty member with high ratings should be rewarded with some sort of recognition.

Few concerns are expressed in this letter in hope for an improved and efficient evaluation process.


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